Monzo Plus: External Account Integration

I updated my Barclaycard access over the weekend and it was working fine. It’s now asked for me to renew access again but this time it won’t find an account. Anyone else?


So I have found the easy bank transfer quite useful aside from one thing, whenever I want to use it I need to search ‘easy bank’ in transactions to get to the feature.

Where are you meant I go naturally to use this feature???

The “Add money” button, beneath your card, in the “Home” tab.


Thanks :raised_hands:t2: I never pull down to just see those options so never though to try there. I looks more around the payments tab for something.

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I’ve searched back through and haven’t found people having the same issues as me. I’m struggling with re-connecting external accounts into Monzo.

I have the latest iOS and all banking apps are up to date. After the initial 90 days of having Monzo Plus and therefore having to reconnect accounts, I’ve managed to reconnect Barclays (at the 2nd attempt) but Nationwide and Halifax do not reconnect.

I’ve also removed them completely and connected as new. Same error.

I contacted Monzo support who recommended I delete the apps and connect via browser, which didn’t work either.

Nationwide just hangs on the ‘sending you back to Monzo’ screen - see pic
Halifax just signs me out - see pic

I know that open banking is relatively new and relies on both parties but if I’m paying for a feature of Monzo Plus and I’m not getting the value then I have to question why I’m paying.

Anyone got any fixes or experienced the same? It’s driving me nuts because I like solving problems.

I’m not keen on the way the connected account feed updates, from the centre outwards. It’s weird. I’m on iOS.

Triodos is now the only current account that I can’t see through Monzo. This feature alone justifies the cost to me especially if savings/mortgage/investment integration is on the cards!

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I had similar issues connecting accounts and found it was due to using a different default browser than Safari. Changed temporarily back to Safari and it worked fine. Might be worth a go.

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Interesting! I’ma devout Chrome user! Will try this method!!! Thanks

@bplatt It worked!!! I don’t understand the logic at all but I’m happy it’s resolved. Do we need to raise this to anyone in Monzo because even their online chat couldn’t solve it but the community came through! :clap:


It wouldn’t hurt to let them know via in-app chat. They might make a note for anyone else who has the issue.

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It seems Virgin Money integration via True Layer is already in beta; is there an ETA on when Monzo might start allowing us to connect out VM accounts?

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Monzo don’t use TrueLayer, but I’m assuming if they’re hooked into TL, that VM have an Open Banking connection at last so shouldn’t be too far out. But it depends whether that’s one that Monzo see as a priority vs other banks.

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There’s also this, which came in an email today from VM. Would be awesome to consolidate it all, as I don’t need to run an app per each card/account.


According to their survey from a few months ago, VM was a second most voted for credit card provider people wanted integration for.

Can anyone from Monzo chime in, or provide some details on upcoming integrations with other banks?

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There are rumoured to be some Monzo Plus/Premium updates coming, but no word yet on what they are, or when they’ll drop :frowning_face:

Considering how many votes Virgin got, I’m say they haven’t been integrated yet. That would cover all my accounts nicely in one place.