Monzo Plus and Premium update 2023-24

I was actually very happy with Plus. I think it’s absurd to pay for something if you don’t think it brings you enough value - I use it because of what it is now, not what it might be in a few years!

I say was because taking the interest off the main balance away has cost me and I don’t love that at all. I’ve decided to keep it, but all really want is for no more changes that make it worse / are there to save Monzo money but are passed off as ‘improvements’ - any more of those and I’ll get rid of it.


:joy: Can we have a black metal card


The Virgin Club M account has the sort of package I’d like to see Monzo offer.

For £12.50 per month you get worldwide family travel insurance, family mobile & gadget insurance and breakdown cover.

Overall I think Virgin have a pretty competitive package. I’d like Monzo to have a comprehensive insurance offering as part of a package.

Please give the option to not have the metal card and reduce the package price. A metal card is just a gimmick.


Agreed. The only time I use my card is to draw out cash. Other than that it’s all Apple Pay.

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Can’t wait for Monzo to tell me I can have a feeling of pride and accomplishment if I get Premium.


Partly. Most product people are, I think, excellent. With the exception of the savings and investments folk who seem to be ruining it for everyone else by forgetting that it’s a team sport.

But yes, too many ‘product marketers’ and those who want to control the narrative. Speaking of which…



I’ve posted at length about this before, but let me summarise: the two critical joint account features that you can’t approximate any other way are:

  • Custom Categories
  • Virtual Cards

And of the two Custom Categories are the most critical as they are absolutely central to budgeting.

There’s a lot of stuff to fix if you take Plus and Premium holistically. You could work for years and years. Lots of it will interact with legal and external-deals teams. But Custom Categories is all in-house, and you absolutely can fix that. So damn well do.


So glad to hear about plus and premium features coming to joint accounts. As a married person 95% of my family’s spending and budgeting is all from within my joint account. I upgraded to Premium last year for the family travel insurance. I wasn’t able to benefit from the majority of the premium features as they did not work with our joint account and so have since cancelled my premium membership. I am most keen to see the following features for joint accounts in order of importance:

  1. The ability to spend money directly from a pot through apple Pay. It would also be helpful to be able to assign merchants to come out of a joint pot in the same way that has been made available to US customers.
  2. Custom catagories in joint accounts.
  3. Virtual cards in joint accounts.
  4. Higher interest for money kept within joint account (95% of our current account money is here in various pots).
  5. Auto-Export transaction (live updates to Google Sheets).

Looking forward to Joint accounts catchup up with the rest of the Eco-System.


Tbh this was a long post about nothing. At least give us some substance… idea of what you are working on stating it might not be released etc

Tbh you still need to introduce access from web for use on a computer and tablet support at the very least!


Vague promises are just that, vague. There needs to be significant progress.

Chase is stating to look like a much better option. 1% interest on current accounts, cash back, 4.1% on savings accounts. Ability to pay standing orders and direct debits from savings accounts. All for the grand fee of £0 per month.


As ever I’ll wait to see what happens, and if some of it is VV soon, then cool, before I go looking at that plucky little American upstart

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Would be nice to get better offers like Revolut metal but my guess is nothing special is coming. FT subscription and Nordvpn is some good perks for £14.99 a month.

We shall see.

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For me there’s a good few things that could be better… How things work with other products is definitely an area for improvement

  • Extra or top-up cashback offers for plus/premium
  • Joint accounts, yeah so many others have covered this over the years, but this needs to work
  • A rethink of the latest pots iteration and making sure they’re actually useful (btw not suggesting this as a plus/premium feature!)
  • Let’s get rid of IFTTT and build that customisation into Monzo. IFTTT is very limited now if you don’t pay, so much so that I’ve practically abandoned using it
  • Is the interest offering for paid enough to entice savings from those customers?
  • Additional/improved insurance benefits or other benefits

For me there’s two aspects to this sort of update/improvement

Catching up - Give joint accounts plus/premium, getting caught up to where it should have been years ago, fixing the export

Improving - Adding things that make it worthwhile upgrading, but as this thread demonstrates, when you don’t give details, people want/expect all sorts. There’s mentions of insurance, which seems incredibly unlikely at the price point, anything paid that costs Monzo, is going to eat in to the profits. Increasing the price will not go well.

More interest pots (shouldn’t be a paid feature), longer Flex 0%, better/more cash-back are all “cheap” things, but when in 2025, you give us free pot images and a different card colour option, it’s time to run for the hills.


But we did love neon.


I would love it if they integrated Zapier and/or moved their API beyond the current “only for personal tinkering” stage; from just a business POV being able to realtime sync my transactions with Pandle (the accountancy software I use; it’s niche but it’s fully functional and actually easy to use!) is something I would love to build

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One of the original founding members of Mondo (SimonVC) built that. I think mostly he had enough implicit clout that nobody could say no. And it was a valiant attempt to make banking programmable. But it was never really officially supported, and I recon that anyone higher up is either unaware of it or hates it. Which is a shame because being able to script your own money was kind of one of the original Mondo ideas. Programmable money.

It would be great if this were supported. Feels like a perfect power user feature. But can you imagine the support issues… I’m all for it, if they can make it work.


Absolutely! I think both Monzo and IFTTT have changed significantly since and on the basis of parody actors products the current setup just doesn’t work. I’ll be sad to see it go even so, but now seems like a good time for something new

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Nord via cashback is £2 for 26 months much cheaper that way

Just spotted that my custom categories are now selectable on my Joint Account transactions :+1:t2: