Monzo online payments

(Pedro Ramos) #1


I was looking for some information about Monzo affiliate programs, but the only thing I found was this (Affiliate Marketing) and unfortunately this topic was finished via LinkedIn.

I don’t know how the topic of the previous link ended, but my idea of an affiliate program with Monzo is something that doesn’t involve any payment from Monzo to the affiliate.

Soon I will have a website (marketplace) where, obviously, will involve money transactions! As Monzo don’t charge any fees would be perfect if the sellers of this marketplace would be able to get paid directly in their Monzo account, either from a Monzo debit card, or other cards from another bank, most likely!
So, I will bring new Monzo users to your bank and you will save me from paying any fees that I would have to pay, let’s say, for example, to “Paypal”! If I don’t have to pay those fees, the seller payment will be higher than using the other payment ways. Having this in mind, there’s a big potential for my marketplace to give to Monzo new users,
What do you think about that?

(tom) #2

We enable customers to collect a limited number of payments from friends using because it helps our users with bill-splitting.

This is free to users because we absorb the cost. I’m afraid it’s not suitable for taking payment on a commercial website/marketplace - you’ll need to pay a merchant acquirer like