Avoiding ATM Fees, Loaning Money to Monzo & Marketplace Services

This is a little bit off topic , but related to ATM , and in particular ATM fees. As of today , MONZO still bless us with free ATM withdrawals. This could be sustainable within the EU, for I believe the fee is €0.5 per withdrawal. What I would like to suggest to MONZO is to give us a list of banks by countries that do not charge any fees or the lowest fees, so that MONZO customers (as one community ) withdraw the money from those ATM if at all possible and as much often as possible. When MONZO will be a fully licensed bank, MONZO could direct us to open a savings account where one could put £2000 so as to permit MONZO to use these cash for their internal growth. The rate would be low or none existent if one is touching the saving pot; a rate would exist (though low) IF the savings is not touched for 1 rolling month. But for customers who decide to put much more savings (something like £10,000 + ), then they should always get a guaranteed rate , and a competitive one in relations to other 100% online savings banks.
I also suggest Monzo to direct customers to invest in peer to peer (p2p) platform (such as Assetz capital , Lendy , FundingSecure ) etc , and get a bonus cut for introducing such customers by the p2p plateform and use MONZO solely to retrieve back the p2p funds.
All this to maintain as much as possible free banking , including free ATM withdrawal.
If travel insurance isneeded , one should stick to buying from MONZO (we trust that MONZO will supply a comprehensive insurance that is clear, straight forward to claim and process and accept all the receipts that were scanned on their systems so as no need to produce paper receipts that could have been lost or illisible etc. --> all this in the spirit to enjoy free ATM withdrawal , interbank exchange rate between 2 MONZO currency accounts (if MONZO plan to give customers to open other currency accounts like Revolut does ) , etc etc.


As you mentioned, your post was off topic so I’ve moved it to a new topic. It’s a shame that you’ve posted several different ideas at once here, rather than in separate topics, as it means that each idea probably won’t get the attention it deserves but I’ll do my best.

You’re right that Monzo absorbing ATM withdrawal fees is an issue for them so it looks like fair useage limits are going to be added in the future.

That sounds like it would be really helpful for Monzo :+1:

Monzo has been quite successful in terms of their fundraising so far, so I’m not sure whether they’d be looking to borrow user’s money to fund their growth but you never know..

You’re right that offering services like this would be a great way for Monzo to earn revenue (judging by the success of Apple’s app store, for example) & in fact, that’s exactly what they’re planning to do.

I expect that services like travel insurance will be offered through the marketplace too though, rather than provided directly by Monzo. The problem with providing the service directly is that it won’t suit every user’s needs & since services like this are commoditised providers can only really compete on price. Whereas offering them through a marketplace has these benefits -

How does that sound?

I think there are two issues:

  1. the fees some ATM charge Monzo card holders to withdraw cash
  2. the fees some ATM operators charge Monzo as a bank when their card holder withdraws cash

While users may be interested in 1) to save them money, what really matters is 2) as that is what impacts the bank and dictates what level of fees may have to be charged to make non-EU withdrawals economically viable


It does not sound good :bangbang:
It defeats the purpose of ATM BEING FREE , and thus MONZO failed where everyone failed.

Besides MONZO must own Abd contrôle some of the products , and if they want to owe the banking and its characteristics, it must owe and contrôle the insurance to some degree instead of just directing customers to the open market :bangbang:
Comparative websites does it well.
Why do people still buy the super overpriced iPhones, MacBook and iPads ?? It is because Apple owns the full integrations of their products and native operating softwares and distanced themselves of what’s “out there”. I want MONZO to be ambitious and owes their product and idea and philosophy and create a fanatic community like the apple community who are extremely "fanatics ".