Monzo + one other bank

Limited to 3 month windows though, which is a pain.

Do any traditional banks offer search of entire account history in a single search, like Monzo?

It’s rather clunky as well, just tried it.

But still, something rather than nothing

Monzo all my wages get paid into and DDs, Rent etc come out from that, Starling I use the connected card for my supermarket shopping and I have the equivalent of pots set up holding various savings amounts for different things.

I basically do this already. I used to have a Natwest, Lloyds and Monzo. Natwest was bills, Lloyds for spends. I used the account switching service to move my bills to Monzo and that closed my Natwest account.

I don’t really use the Lloyds account, but I’m keeping it for now. There’s little things with Monzo that are far more hassle than they need to be. Contacting chat to raise limits etc. I bought a car last year, I walked into a branch and took out the cash over the counter and that was it. Easy. Paying in cheques, I get them very infrequently, but it’s just easier there.

I also have an old school savings jar, taking out coins to put in there isn’t easy with Monzo. Although not sure if I could do this at the post office? Maybe I could.

Does anyone know if any high street banks offer notifications for direct debits a day ahead of it coming out (like Monzo and Starling)?

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