Monzo Monthly Update: December

(Fergus) #9

There’s something on here about signing up to Monthly Updates that I just saw :slightly_smiling_face:

(Stephen Robinson) #10

Locked pots will help me so much.


How will you be using them?

(Jack B) #12

Really like the idea of the locked pots and doing the IFFT feature of rounding up into a pot!

Looking forward to this

(Nathan) #13

Why necessarilly the IFTTT one and not normal roundup?

(Paul) #14

I did that last month, signed up but no email this month :confused:


I’m excited about being able to pay people with just a link. Feature request: can we use this to pay friends internationally. And can we choose the amount in foreign currency (eg the input is “I want to pay $10”).


It’s a good thing these blogs are here now. Last year hundreds of people ate their Christmas dinners then immediately decended upon the Monzo community to satisfy their boredom and were surprised to find tumbleweed blowing around with no devs in sight for weeks.

There was soon full blown rioting and it was collectively decided that Monzo weren’t doing anything and there was a big swing in sentiment.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating but there was definitely a wide-scale annoyance at lack of comms last December/January, so I’m glad to see this post and hope there will be another to follow in early Jan.

This year us innocent bystanders can just politely point to the blog for people to see what’s going on and tell them to come back in a couple of weeks for more :innocent:


It’s unlikely, but not impossible!

(Am I the only one that wants the new Pots screen to be unveiled on Christmas Day as a super special present? Just me, then?!)

(Splodf) #18

I’d take that as a present from Monzo.

(Dan) #19

Definitely not just you :wink: that would make my Christmas :crossed_fingers:

(Dave Berry) #20

Well that would be cool, but really I want it today, particularly the increase to 20 pots…

(MikeF) #21

I thought the 20 pots were available already (but I haven’t tried).


I’m about 98% certain that the pot limit is now 20 – and that I could have raised that to 100% in the time it took me to write this reply.

(Dave Berry) #23

I saw the tease for it on Making Monzo, but hadn’t realised it was ‘live’, I have just tested it and you are completely right and I’m a happy man.

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(Nathan) #25

Anyone want to hazard a guess at whats to come in the remaining part of January?

(Jack) #26


(Nathan) #27

Thanks Jack, I missed that one it seems :slight_smile:

(Ray) #28

Some people like to see the actual spend amount separately in their feed rather than the rounded up amount. Only way to do this now is using IFTTT