January Monthly Update

It’s our first monthly update of the 2019! Here’s what we got up to in the run up to 2019, and what you can expect next…


Can you please please please give account number and sort codes to pots so we can setup direct debit on them, and send money from them? They are useless otherwise.

Giving each pot its unique code would mean each pot is technically another account, can you see the problem this would cause if you were able to open and close an account as easy as it is to create/delete a pot at the moment?

Im not an expert but id imagine this could have an impact on your credit score.

What is the need for each of your individual pots/accounts?
Is it to seperate money for your bills? because this is in the works and will come in the future :slight_smile:

Other than this please tell us why is this a current need for you?

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Looking forward to the February update.

Fingers crossed for:

  • Redesign of the account tab is complete
  • Custom images for pots as part of that!


  • Redesign of the contact page. Similar to pots, it is annoying scrolling all the way through a list of contacts already on Monzo.

Echo this!

Can we expect a February update coming before the weekend?

Afraid not, but hopefully early next week :slight_smile:


Any sign of it? Always look forward to the monthly update.


With these monthly updates now seemingly always being pushed out till the 2nd work week of the month would it be better to just scrap them in favour of the journal?

In terms of reflecting on the previous month and setting out whats being worked on in the coming month the publish date slipping gives a bad impression if im being honest.

Personally we wouldn’t have a sprint retro in week 2 of the next sprint and to me thats how i view these updates as a kind of sprint retro and aims of whats being made in the next month/sprint

Does seem to be later each month at the moment. Used to be like the first work day of each month pretty much.

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If they keep getting pushed later & later, we’ll soon be back on track and they can just rename them to be the right month :grimacing: