Monzo Labs: Bill Splitting event

(Naji Esiri) #1

Switching on live from HQ next Tuesday!

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(Uatu) #2

Ooh. Exciting.

(Jack) #3

:raised_hands:t3: Highly requested feature here we come…

(Peter Roberts) #4

iOS only :frowning:


But but but why? :pensive:

(MikeF) #6

Because that’s as far as development has got?

They’ve always tended to launch stuff on whichever platform is ready first and haven’t said that will change at any point.


I wonder what the other feature will be that’s on both platforms to be relased into labs.


Direct debit retries is my guess

(MikeF) #9

Not sure how that’s lab-able though. It feels like something that’s either available or not.

Still, I haven’t got a better idea.


I’m guessing 3D Secure or whatever MasterCard call it…


I hope so. I kinda interpreted it as something that was only going to exist on iOS - perhaps because it relies on something iOS specific perhaps? 🤷

Edit: Tweet specifies “on iOS for now:+1:

(Adam Kendrew) #12

@Rika mentioned in the developer Slack that it would be this week or next, so probably so :slight_smile::point_down:

Labs next week (or end of this week if we can solve a few last blockers).

(Nathan) #13

Excited for this feature! Will be a big big help when it comes to splitting household bill with my housemates and make those “oohh did i not send you that” conversations alot easier also :slight_smile:

(Stephen Spencer) #14

Still hosted at the old office? Is this going to be the last event there? Will anyone be trashing the place or throwing a TV out of the window?

(Nathan) #15

Im expecting tom to pull a wolf of wallstreet… IM NOT F***IN LEAVING!!


This has just been announced on Facebook :slight_smile:

(Jack) #17

and Twitter :slight_smile:


Announced as live, yeah, not going into Labs?


Looks that way!

(Chris Rimell) #20

Retry DD functionality code went in on the last release (from what I remember reading) and was a back end switch-on after staff testing last week. Yay :champagne: :smiley: