for new current account users

So I’m new to Monzo off the back of a referral of a friend who had a prepaid card. Monzo rocks, there’s no doubt… But current accounts with would be even better! That was the demo that really sold me into the Monzo concept…

Will this feature be available for new current accounts users again very soon?

Edit: Worth adding that is already available on current accounts for users who were already signed up for the prepaid card - it’s not yet available for those of us who signed up to Monzo via the current account waiting list. Thanks!

I think is for all Monzo CA users :thinking:

Have you chaked by going into your Payments tab and then going into Request tab…

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Yep, I don’t have any tabs under Payments section, just the offer of bank transfers and existing contacts.

Make sure you are using latest version of Monzo App check updates on app store or play - You can check by typing[you full name]
If the link will work you can make a small payment to test…

Ask COps for help in-app or on


Appreciate your help on this! I tried to get a link but says it can’t be found… Assuming I’m using the right link format that is.

I got some in-app help and was told that it’s not available yet unless I previously had a prepaid account (which I didn’t, completely new to Monzo and joined the waiting list about 2 months ago)

Looks like its on the cards for the future though - would just like to have a timeline as it’s a really powerful feature that sold Monzo for me!


Ah! Sorry I wasn’t aware of this not being available for new users. Hope Monzo brings it back for you soon.

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I’m new to Monzo and trying to find out about all it’s features (been great so far!!), but I’m having trouble with

I go to the website and it says the following.

‘If you already have a Monzo card, go to the Request tab under Contacts to find your unique username and share your link’

Well now I’m confused. I can’t see anything title contacts within the app. I found the payments area and that has lots of contacts in it, but nothing that looks like a request tab.

So the question is, where do I find this mysterious unique username?


This thread probably answers your question.

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Ahh. Nailed it!

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

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Hey all - any updates on when might be available for us current account only users?

I joined monzo with a current account and have a URL showing in the account tab of the app but just get “This person cannot currently receive payments. Please ask them to contact us.”

For anyone who believe they should have but the link cannot be found when tried, just go into your settings and make sure that the Payments With Friends option in the Privacy section is enabled.

The other day I tried my link and the webpage said something along the lines of “we cannot find a link with that name”. Or something (I’ve slept since then).

At that point, though, I had the Payments With Friends option switched off. I’ve since turned that on and now my link works perfectly. I’m not saying this is the fix, it may just be a coincidence, but it’s now working for me. Worth checking. :slight_smile:

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We’re in the final testing phase of adding for people who never had a prepaid card. If nothing goes wrong it should be made available to all in the next few weeks.


:tada::tada: that’s what I wanted to hear :wink: :beers:

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