Monzo 'Manual' or User Guide

Hi is there a user guide for new users or those who are keen to learn new tricks anywhere?

For example I’ve picked up a few things off the forum, for example ‘tagging’ a spend with am emoji so I can search for all spends with that emoji ( :bike: for bike parts!)

I know that the whole point of Monzo is to be simple and intuitive, which it is, but some of us are info hungry and love to know every little detail… :innocent:

Is there such a thing?

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It’s early days for this series so far but the How To Monzo videos are a good place to get tips -

aside from that, I usually point users to the blog posts, which has a pretty comprehensive list of features -

there’s no comprehensive list of tips, as far as I know…I’d be tempted to make a wiki with them but it’d be pretty huge!