Create marketing videos or run live sessions with country specific financial advice

I believe in Monzo bank, and love being part of this community. However, as an example I would have loved to join the investor crowdfunding when it was open, but I am not educated enough on how that works. I only recently understood why you would put your money in an ISA etc.

Other advice such as Student Loans, Saving for House, Paying of Debt faster, best places to keep your money would make create keynote sessions especially wigh questions people can ask. This would help others actively connect with their bank and make good decisions that will help them have a healthier bank balance future.

This moves away from the idea where a bank is only there to keep your money, and serve you bank charges. I can say to my friends, Monzo runs an advice keynote once a week that I join or watch on catch up, that helps me make informed decisions about finance and how to do more with my money,

Maybe nice to tie this in with Monzo points. Rewarding people whilst providing some financial education.

As a sidenote have you checked out the blog? There’s tonnes of great posts to get you started!