Monzo link w Ecosia/tree card

I’ve seen Ecosia, the green tree planting search engine has paired with TreeCard, a wooden MasterCard that gives 85% of the merchant fees back to ecosia to plant trees with!

I know Monzo has lovely recognisable cards and great benefits elsewhere - even pairing w Octopus and/or OVO for green energy but I would really like to see them step up in this space and try do more; environmental kick backs from purchases

Monzo need every penny they can get, they aren’t going to give away 85% (or any) of their best revenue stream for trees.

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Perhaps not 85% no. But how about 1% and only for plus members?

I’m pretty surprised Monzo don’t already offer something of benefit to the environment in plus already.

That’s what I was thinking

Just a small 1-2% not a whopping 85% as appreciate Monzo needs to claw back for its investors

Maybe they should plant a tree for every Plus member

Come the end of this week that probably won’t be many trees :rofl:

On a serious note, having read a bit more about the Tree Card, they use a key word there being ‘Profits

They need to make a profit before they give any of it back, same would go for Monzo, who currently, make losses. It’s a nice idea but you have to reach profit first, unless i’m completely misunderstanding

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That would be a garden, not even an orchard :frowning_face:


Here’s a picture of it:

It would make more sense Monzo just copy Bunq’s Green Card and charge for it. Make money and help save the planet.