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Is there a limit to just having two things in Labs at any one time? First Summary gets released too early and now Joint Accounts.

3D Secure is in labs testing, and we are aware Bill Splitting is going in tonight. So, genuinely interested, is it limited to two things?

Ha, had never thought of that.

I can’t imagine it is - Purely guessing of course.

There isn’t!

Some things aren’t suitable for Labs however you can expect to see more in there in the future :slight_smile:


Such as?

That would be telling :stuck_out_tongue: (I also don’t know!)






Dammit, thought I’d get you.

Do I need to flag your post?

Do it and I’ll flag yours :heart:


I know there are new features and stuff will come to labs, I don’t know exactly what will go in there

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I’ve mentioned this elsewhere Hugh, but I think the expectations need to change when it comes to features in “labs”.

For the people who use them, when they see it gets released with very minimal change (despite there being numerous quirks which need to be sorted, or functionality which needs to be added), it feels a little disheartening.

Everything that has been released from Labs, feels very half baked - So the question is… Why bother going into labs in the first place?


To add on to that, did 3D Secure even need to go into Labs?

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We hear you, Nick. We should make it really clear when we add a feature to Monzo Labs what we’re expecting from the community, and what you all should expect from us. So we’ll do that for all future Labs features.

Some features in Monzo Labs are mostly going to be ‘early access’ things. In these cases, we’re not looking to make any major changes - it’s just a sneak peek for our early adopters. With other things, like Summary and joint accounts, we’re really after detailed feedback to help make the experience as good as possible.

We’ll also try to make it clear what it means when something leaves Monzo Labs. It likely won’t ever mean ‘this is 100% done and we won’t work on it anymore’. It’s much more likely going to be more a case of ‘we think this is ready for everyone to use’. As with all our features, we’ll keep building and adding features based on community feedback.

We know, for example, CASS and pots for joint accounts are hotly-requested features and we’ll build them soon.

@Jami recently wrote a bit more about our approach here recently, check it out:

Hope that helps!


That is 100% understood and clear - Thank Richard :smiley:

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Seeing the number of reported bugs and since Android didn’t have in-app approval, I think putting it in labs first was a good idea


Agree with this and think @Rika is managing this lab fantastically and keeping everyone up to date with what’s going on, bug fixes, future plans etc.

This is how all labs should be ran!


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