Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email

(Michael) #175

Great idea. The information and approach is mainly available, so hopefully it could be moved across

(Jack) #176

I must admit I got this mixed up with the other day and ended up giving someone £150 rather than receiving it :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #177

Hmm. That’d only ‘verify’ the bank, and in some cases you’d need just the first two digits of the sort code to produce a false ‘positive’ verification. It might be entirely possible to make a mistake on any of the remaining 12 digits and still send money to the wrong account.

Personally I’d steer clear of anything which seems to verify the numbers entered by the payee as it wouldn’t solve the issue of someone else’s mistake losing me money, and might even make the payee less cautious.

(Jack) #178

I understand that it’s just a helpful mechanism that monzo already use in the app which can be used elsewhere.

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There’s been some really interesting chat about whether Monzo should start a separate app for payments - a bit like Venmo or WeChat. I’ve split those out into a separate thread here:

Let’s keep this one focused on Labs feedback - hope that’s okay!

(Adam Kendrew) #199

Tried to use this earlier with my sister (who does have a Monzo account, but doesn’t use it).

I sent her the link via text, she entered her email address and I got a notification to say she will receive the money when they sign up? However, the payment is still showing as pending and she wasn’t prompted for any bank details. I’m not sure what option she clicked, but I would assume she’s pressed ‘sign up to Monzo’ instead?


It sounds like it from the notification you got.

She shouldn’t have had to enter email address if it was just a payment coming to her, just her bank details.

What was the reason you chose to use this rather than just send it to her Monzo account and let her send it somewhere else from there? Just to be nice? I only sent a sibling of mine money to their Monzo, until they gave in and started using it. They thanked me this Christmas as they now love it, just needed more motivation to use it.

(Adam Kendrew) #201

Just to try out the feature really! She even asked why I didn’t just send it to her Monzo.

(Paul G) #202

I agree… the fact the payment shows as pending in the feed despite not actually selecting a contact is annoying. Could also be confusing… my feed says I have a payment pending, but I didn’t even complete the transaction.

(Albert) #204

This is annoying but something we don’t have a good solution for. One of the ways you can share the link is to just copy paste it. There’s no way we can tell what you did with it after copying it, or for that matter what happened to the link once you pressed share to Whatsapp. You might cancel the flow after sharing and we’d never know. Cancelling is coming, but it will still be a manual step.

(Kieran) #205

Any idea when this is going live?

(Rob) #206

I feel this needs to come before the feature moves out of labs into the mainstream.

(Robin Bilgil) #207

Yes we definitely plan to have cancel before the wider rollout :slight_smile:

(Robin Bilgil) #208

We’ve deployed the changes to the website as discussed above! Please help us test and let us know your feedback :pray:

(Tomi Novak) #209

Tried this feature today and it worked great! - Such a useful thing to have for small payments.

The only new ‘bug’ I’ve noticed was that if the native Android sharing prompt is closed when in the process of sharing the link (by clicking ‘cancel’ as opposed to clicking into of the apps such as What’s App or Messenger) then the success message still appears.

I’m guessing this is because the Mozo app has no ability/permission to determine how far I went in the flow of sharing the link, and so the success message is simply shown when the prompt is closed assuming a successful share.

While I don’t necessarily consider this to be a major bug, I had initially thought that I miss-clicked on the cancel button and accidentally sent the link to someone (as Android 9 has buttons for one-click sharing for commonly used contacts in commonly used apps that come up in the sharing prompt)

As it did for me, I think this false positive confirmation could potentially make users worry that they sent their link to the wrong person who can now claim their money.

Overall the process went very smoothly and was intuitive, easy and quick to use! :+1:

(Martin Jones) #210

Anybody know if a person signs up through this method ie i send them a payment and they sign up through link it shows are your personalrecruit

I know that recruiters dont get a benefit at the moment, but Id like to think, Monzo may in the future reward people for signing so my people up and even have a leaderboard of people who actively recruit new members as an incentive, maybe Monzo throw a party for the top 100 recruiters and me for suggesting the idea :yum:

(Aaron Price) #211

I don’t know if anyone has suggested this already, but I’d like to see the pending payment at the top of my feed maybe a new pending section before today until it gets paid when it becomes a real transaction.

(Ben Hadfield) #212

I just used the pay by text feature and want to report a possible bug (or at least bad UX). After entering the amount you want to send and your card’s PIN you get a button to share the link. I selected share by text but then changed my mind and clicked cancel expecting to be able to select a different way to send the link but instead I got the success screen (even tho no link had been shared). This is slightly concerning because there is also no way to cancel the payment link.

I love the feature BTW! Just wanted to share this pain point I had.

Keep up the good work <3


(Kieran) #213

You can cancel the link by contacting support :slight_smile: