Monzo Labs: Bill Splitting event


Nothing in sneak peaks

@tom has tweeted a little about this and recently Monzo blogged about the possibility saying ‘watch this space’ which makes me think the idea is developed somewhat…


Nothing yet just talk of it

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There won’t be a live stream tonight, as we’re in the process of moving offices and without internet at old HQ :pensive: but, we’re recording and will have this up and online to view between 8.30pm and 9ish tonight, so not long after the event :+1:

(Jack) #44

Thanks for the update @Naji

(Kyle Risi) #45

I came here to find out about this exact thing, thanks mate! :wink:

(Lewis King) #46

Bill splitting now showing in Labs

(Lewis King) #47

(AllanW) #48

Really disappointed that this only works with other Monzo users :frowning:


Just said the same thing on DevSlack! Unfortunately it’s untestable for me :disappointed_relieved:

(Naji Esiri) #50

Here we are :+1: tonight’s event (not quite) live and direct!

(AllanW) #51

We’re not going for a meal together :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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