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I am new to the forum, I have had a quick look to see if my question has been asked previously but I couldn’t see anything. Apologies if I have missed it.

I am going on an extended family (12 adults) holiday in November to Miami and on am Eastern Caribbean cruise, we have decided that as I have a Monzo card the rest of the family will give me money for a ‘Kitty’ which I will load onto my Monzo card. How can I keep the kitty separate from my own funds? I know about pots but that doesn’t then allow me to use the money in the pot.

I hope that makes sense.

Many thanks

Hi @Shreena :wave:t3:,

As you say pots would be the best way to hold the funds separately. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to spend directly from pots yet. You’d have to move any money you’d like to spend back onto the card before the purchase.

I think the best solution would be to try and find travel cards that are appropriate for most of the family to take the burden off you :see_no_evil:. Imagine if you lost your card!

Hope you enjoy your holiday! sounds like a nice trip :sunglasses::airplane:


Welcome Shreena

load all your current CA balance apart from your 1/12th share into a pot named “mine” , have your family put their 11/12ths money into your current account - pay all the bills from your current account , if you buy anything personally transfer that amount from “mine” pot into CA immediately on purchase so you don’t forget - or tag it so you can search later and transfer as a lump sum every couple of days - at end of holiday transfer all remaining funds in CA back to family in equal shares , move “mine” pot back to CA :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

edit - don’t loose your card :slight_smile:


Thank you Jack

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Thank you Iansilversides - that does sound like my best option.


it keeps your funds separated from families and doesnt confuse spending :slight_smile: enjoy your hols


Great advice as always. I’d choose the second option for any foreign transactions as the amount can take a few days to settle.

Bon Voyage!

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good point - true, FX rates take a couple of days to settle :slight_smile:

Why don’t the rest of the travellers just get their own :monzopride: Monzo cards?


As @j06 points out, why don’t they just open their own Monzo accounts?

Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t do this for 12 members of my extended family. Maybe a couple of close relatives, but not twelve extended members. I would tell them to get their own bank accounts - hopefully with Monzo - as they have 4 months to do it.


It’s more about me being the nominated person to look after the kitty as opposed to everyone getting their own card. They will all have their own spending money, I’ll just have a kitty for taxi’s and restaurants.

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Shared pots are on the roadmap. Sounds like you’d find this beneficial. Currently there’s no timeframe but maybe someone from the team could share some light.

Surely the answer is simple then?

Everyone pays you the same amount at the start (eg. £50, maybe using and you transfer all of this to a Pot. You add in your equal share. In this example there would now be £600 in the Pot.

Then you use your Monzo card for all kitty spending, and transfer the same amount back into your main account after each spend.

If there is anything left over at the end you can split it 12 ways, or come to a consensus if it’s not much (eg. give it to charity)

If you still feel that it’s awkward to keep moving money around to keep it separate from your own funds, why not take out a TransferWise borderless account and just get everyone to pay into that, and then use that card for the kitty?

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