Kitty money

We are heading on a group holiday and want to put a kitty together. The fee-free and exchange rate benefits mean that we will use my Money card as the ‘kitty’. I can collect money from the others using (although 100 cap is a restriction).

However, it would be really good if these funds could be separated from my personal expenses in a virtual kitty. Plus other Monzo users might be able to spend from the same kitty using their card. Clearly the same functionality could be used for shared account functionality.


A great idea - could you make them as expenses (or another infrequently used category) in the meantime to help track how much you’ve spent?

I didn’t know the term ‘kitty’, but I abolutely adore whole idea.
That’s basically what I will be doing with my parents on holidays, but I see many other uses, money collections when friend has a baby (collection for toys/stuffs for baby) or when someone is leaving work for pastures new.

It kinda overlaps with bill sharing, but it would be a nuisance to split all bills from hols one by one. Also, without upfront kitty collection, user would need to pay upfront for all participants.

I’d rather have X upfront payments, merged together. Kitty contributions acceptable via monzo or Person receiving monies can create new kitty and associate payments (+£10, kitty: ‘Hols’). Maybe get a nicer page associated with kitty collection directly. That would be absolutely sweet and really easy to share with friends or within workplace. :slight_smile:

Then allow kitty owner to tag each outgoing transaction as particular kitty fund, with main funding slowly depleting. Warning for kitty owner when funds are below £50 or something. Extra nice would be to send info to all kitty participants with daily updates on kitty depletion and also when funds are running low.
Extra extra nice - send confirmation to kitty participants with summary how funds were used. It would send a simple report of all items purchased marked for kitty fund, either via monzo app or via email provided when contributing funds.

Additional nice thing would be ability to enable ‘all goes to kitty’ toggle, but could be problematic when someone has money taken to pay regular bills while on holiday, so mass tagging seems better.

I can totally see it as an idea! :smiley: