Monzo is terminating my Business account without providing a reason

Yeah, they crack on about ‘Monzo tone of voice’ but they really have misjudged this.

One emoji and an exclamation mark is a huge misjudgement.

I hope the FCA are aware.


Yes this. It sounds like Monzo behind the scenes are trying to de-risk their accounts under management or reduce its exposure on the business banking side of things --understandable given everything that is going on in the economy at the moment and especially in certain industries reliant on people being there in person. Removing access to banking seems like a pretty crummy way to deal with a crisis though.


No need to notify the FCA. Just a weird way to start a message that is essentially telling a paying customer to F off.


Sometimes it’s not bashing. In this case it’s as suggested: a bad misjudgement of the situation.


To what end? If there is no overdraft or loan facility, there is broadly speaking no risk. Obviously we don’t know specific circumstances of people in this thread, but it feels a bit of a cop out to say they are lessening risk based on the economy by closing accounts?


I think it’s on-brand, and maybe for a more formal way of doing things you remove the emoji and the exclamation mark, like traditional banks would. But Monzo aren’t and don’t want to be a traditional bank, they want to do things differently.

If the message was more like this…

Sorry, we’re having to close your account :door: Please make sure your balance is at zero by the closing date of 6/1/21 :calendar:

Then yes, maybe that would be a step too far.

I read it as a nice friendly introduction :man_shrugging:

Better than a cold hearted Dear Sir…

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I’m only guessing, Rob. I can’t think of another reason why they would close an otherwise perfectly good account out of the blue.

Well true, it is odd. Maybe they have added to the industries they won’t support with banking. I have not been checking it so I’m not sure though.

Any bank WILL close your account if they think there’s a whiff of anything shady going on, and none of them will give you a reason for doing so. Financial pages are full of such stories from customers of legacy bank and fintechs, if they have evidence of off colour activity they may even be prevented from telling you why they have chosen to withdraw services.


I understand we’re here to converse about Monzo and FinTech.

Unfortunately, some people are here only to criticise those of us who wish to converse about Monzo and FinTech.

I recall there’s something in the community T&Cs about attacking the person, not the message?


And some people are here only to criticise Monzo. Which is sad, really.


I’m here for the right reasons. I give Monzo credit where credit is due. I aim to post rational contributions and in this instance I’m saying that their ‘tone of voice’ is misjudged in the circumstances.

You, however…


Sadly the zealots of this community can no longer accept that this is an open forum and people are entitled to their own opinion, the sheen has well and truly worn off of Monzo and they need to face facts that people do not drink their Kool-Aid and are wise enough to see what is going on here so will say so and in return the zealots start bullying, flagging and shouting those people down as that is their only defence until they cry hard enough the leaders will remove any post that does not conform with the bible of Monzo.


I’m surprised you’re still here! The mods aren’t very hot on duplicate accounts are they?

No, your last post was crying and trolling as usual and you don’t like that some people call you out for it because it’s draining.

I find it incredibly strange how a group of people visit the forum of a bank day-after-day to criticise every single thing they can find. I don’t like lots of companies, I’ve had bad service from lots and there’s lots that I wouldn’t recommend them to friends and family. But that doesn’t mean I troll their forums to annoy people who are perfectly happy with the product/service on offer.

To create a second account to continue doing it having been banned once already says a lot about that person.

Well if it offended you then you are clearly within that group.

Do you? This is my only account and has been since I joined…

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