Monzo is launching in the USA!

Credit cards were added a few months ago. That was hugely beneficial for many people, including me.


I’m not really sure what you think is half-baked? I use Monzo as my only account day-in and day-out and there’s nothing significant missing that I need.

Software is a process, it’s never fully-baked, there’ll always be more features to add. Features will start “half-baked” and evolve over time. It’s often of more value to a business to add a further half-baked feature than to finish fully-baking the first one though.


I don’t really feel it’s half-baked but again I don’t have a joint account.
How I see it is that for my needs it’s still the best out there, they can always improve but again, happy they are still listening to their customers. :slight_smile:

Will person-to-person payments work between someone in the UK and someone in the US?


This could be a game changer!!!

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I volunteer as first LA based dev! (I just need to figure out moving to LA)

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Beneficial if you have one of the cards supported, I’m sure. They haven’t added any new cards to the list since it started and some of the most popular cards (including AMEX, the most used CC in Britain, and Capital One among others)

So that’s another not-baked feature, albeit more understandable than some others. I just think Monzo would be better having a complete product here before diverting attention to it her, bigger markets.


What would Monzo having a more complete product here give them? Would sign-ups suddenly soar? The option of having millions more customers seems more useful to Monzo than a few people thinking “at least the product is fully-baked”.


I completely agree with you here…

The issues I personally have (using Monzo as my main account) are:

• The features don’t evolve over time, and when I say “half baked”, it’s more like 25% baked.
• It is more value to the business and not to the end user.

It can often feel like when people are mentioning things they want to improve, a lot of people drop all rhyme and reason and effectively give responses as if they were coming from the back office of Monzo HQ.

Of course we all have different things that we like/don’t like/tolerate etc, but there are a huge number of people who are going to find the “half baked” features a frustration.

Payee management is my biggest bug bear, and it’s pretty amazing they haven’t sorted it out properly.

I think the differences in attitude boil down to whether you are trying to understand it from Monzo’s POV, or from an end user perspective.


Not immediately I’m afraid. I’d like them to in the future, though.


It may be hard for you to imagine, but people here do have a choice in banks including fintech.

You’re happy Monzo are expanding, rather than focusing on consolidating and improving, but not everyone wants the same from their bank.

Sure and they know where the door is. If Monzo’s features are so half-baked then why are they the fastest growing bank? Not sure if there’s any stats on retention but it seems pretty strong. I don’t think many ordinary people sit around thinking it’s half-baked, to them it “just works”.

I mean what are the features that are half-baked (or quarter-baked as I’m now hearing)? Not doing everything you’d like it to do isn’t half-baked, or you’d be saying that the legacy banks offering have been half-baked forever.


I don’t see any issues here becuase US development is in a separate product team from the looks of it. So it looks like business as usual for the current feature development.

Monzo is not half-baked, it’s fully usuable as a replacement for high street banks. Just look at the number of #FullMonzo peeps. Some newer features are still in development but that is the nature of this way of releasing products. If they were to release fully mature features, they’d be in the same development cycle as traditional banks, and we all know what that looks like.

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“If you don’t like it you can leave” is a great policy, is that shared also by Monzo?

I like your argument that anyone posting here isn’t “normal”, in actuality you don’t know what most Monzo users experience or are frustrated with.

Clearly you’re not a joint account holder for a start, and I’d be surprised to learn you have Monzo Plus or have a business account.

As I said, you’re happy that Monzo care more about rapid expansion than consolidating and building a better core banking experience. I have no doubt others share that feeling. Many however don’t and they are just as entitled to that opinion without Doorkeeper Tommy weighing in.


Every user obviously wants the Monzo app to do everything possibly imaginable that that user thinks is useful to them. We’re not discussing here whether users should want more features, we’re discussing what is a sensible strategy for Monzo to adopt. If you’re wondering whether Monzo will do x or discussing whether they should do y then obviously you want to be rationalising about it from the perspective of Monzo, as Monzo are going to do what’s best for them (and indirectly best for people).

Saying Monzo shouldn’t expand to America until they make a minor change to my pet grievance is nonsensical, are you really saying that millions of Americans shouldn’t get to access something significant that’ll improve their lives because UK users can’t currently edit the names of payees (despite not being able to in legacy banks either)?


I never said you shouldn’t be allowed to speak, you’re the one seemingly trying to shut down my opinion.

I have a joint account with Monzo, I have Monzo Plus and I’m on the waiting list for a business account. Not sure how any of this is relevant though?

Expanding easier, clearer finances to millions more people seems clearly more important (in my opinion) than polishing a few peripherals. To say people shouldn’t be able to use Monzo until its perfect makes very little sense. Clearly having Monzo is better than not having it (or it wouldn’t be the fastest growing UK bank) and everything should be done to prioritise giving more people access to Monzo (where feasible).


Monzo’s stated objective is to have a more diverse mix of customers in the UK - so yes, they do need to finish/polish features to attract different type of user - “not just 25-year-olds living in London” (in their own words…) - regardless of whether they expand overseas…

Appreciate you are responding to multiple posts, but for clarity, I haven’t said that Monzo shouldn’t expand into the US.

I was commenting on your assessment of their attitude to half baked features.

Perhaps having a “Monzo strategy” vs “End user” disclaimer is the way forward with debates like this, as quite frankly, I couldn’t give two hoots if Monzo expand into the US, Canada or anywhere else - It doesn’t affect me in the slightest.

I care about what I use (when it comes to a banking app) - I see we are both investors, but perhaps my investment is significantly less than yours to warrant being concerned about the big picture.

I don’t think either opinion is wrong, I just don’t think they belong in the same conversation (an end users perspective vs “what is a good strategy for Monzo”).

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Sure but it’s obviously more important to Monzo to get 5m customers in the US than another 1m in the UK. Not only is it a bigger market but you’d expect diminishing returns as Monzo expands into a particular territory.


Not many, possibly. But I’m one who thinks many features are half-baked. Happy to be extraordinary for once :+1::joy: