Monzo is hitting the road 🚐 #MonzoMeetup

We appreciate that, but this methodology could have been clear from the start. Nowhere on this community poll did it let us know a paralel poll was taking place on Twitter. Too late to change that now but a point for the future would be to make it clear when next having a poll on this community. This is constructive criticism and not negativity.

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Hi I don’t know where to ask any questions, but desperate to know if I can somehow manage my account on my phone if I have less than android 5??

Hi there - unfortunately our app only supports Android 5.0 and above :grinning:

…and to bring it back on topic, I’m coming to the Manchester meetup too! Just edited the Eventbrite page :grinning:

Looking forward to hanging out with you all :grinning:

Ta for answering :slight_smile: so is there no way I can see my transactions without
the app??

@Y123 You can e-mail with your token number (bottom left of your card) and date of birth, but unfortunately, there’s no other way to view your transactions. You could also install the app on a tablet if you have one?

Thanks Richard, my mistake here, this should have been clearer. The intention was always to add votes from here and Twitter together the make the final decision! I’ll be sure to do this next time :slightly_smiling_face:


Kk thank you very much:-)

Have any details been released about the where and when for the #MonzoMeetup in Edinburgh yet?

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It got a mention in the weekly update on Facebook today, looks like you’ve come to the right place to check :slight_smile:

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@SladdinCJ :+1:


Thanks Naji. Looking forward to meeting you and some of the team in a few weeks time.

We’ve just added another 50 tickets to the Edinburgh meetup page :slight_smile: GO!

The event page for our Birmingham meetup is now live :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Count me in!

Yes! Going to Monzo Meetup Birmingham on Tuesday! Looking forward to it!
Anyone else?

[edit…] just me then

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Thanks to the Monzo team for coming to Birmingham to engage with users. The catering was a pleasant surprise and it was a useful event.

Big up especially to @Tara who showed real passion and enthusiasm for keeping the team sweet. Looks a real great place to work, hit me up if you ever need a scientist! :microscope:
Hopefully some gifs in the presentation next time :joy:

@andys talk was interesting highlighting building a bank from scratch and where you guys are going with this. Food for thought indeed.

Some feedback would be maybe hold out for some audience questions at the end, someone will ask one and get the ball rolling or maybe have a plant in the audience asking some to get the ball rolling :sunglasses:

All in was a good meet, crucial I think to keep engagement with the user community. :mondo:


Great to meet you all, finally back in Norwich after an overnight stay in Coventry.


Great to meet you all last night! A special mention goes to @Dunsford for making the way all the way from Norwich!

@Azide thanks for the feedback! We normally have a catchbox to hand to help break the ice!

For anyone who couldn’t make it, there will be a full debrief thread including slides and video posted tomorrow.

The poll for next month’s meetup is underway - place your votes here!


The link to the poll seems to go to catchbox website rather than a poll

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:see_no_evil: Sorry! This is fixed now!

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