Monzo in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

I am going to Zimbabwe (specifically Victoria Falls) over the next few weeks. I’m not planning on relying on any cards while I’m there but has anyone tried Monzo there yet?

If not I will report back in a few weeks or when I have data.


Successfully paid for entry to Victoria Falls (30USD). It went through without issue. I’m sure it would also have worked elsewhere (e.g. hotels).

Notably, paying the $55 visa fee at the border to Zimbabwe is not possible with Monzo as they accept cash and Visa only.

I was in Zimbabwe in August and managed to pay at a restaurant with Monzo. :+1:

No card payments were accepted at the border to get the visa.

I just got back from Zimbabwe and used my Monzo to pay for entry visa ($60 US).

Now government has outlawed merchants taking payments in $US, although they seem to flout this rule at the border.

The question is, will they accept payment in local $Zim/ZimBond?

I am currently in zimbabwe, in Harare and I can’t use the card in the local shops like PicknPay. They don’t accept usd so card is no use.