Monzo in Welsh

I would like a pirate language :pirate_flag:

“Yarrrr! ye’ve spent all yer budget this month”

Didn’t Facebook have this once? :thinking:

“Nice rolls, luv”

That’s rice and chips :joy:

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We have a building society that offers a bilingual service (Principality), but no current account --pretty good web cash ISA though, at 1.20%.

However, it would be nice to offer a language option in the app that includes Welsh. If Monzo intends to expand it’ll need to think about accommodating a number of languages.

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As someone from northern Ireland I have to roll my eyes that Ulster Scots was given recognition as anything close to a language. Its english with an accent. The odd word that is unique.

Stormont didn’t dissolve over that, it was more that one of the main parties (Who prop up the Tories in the UK incidentally) was implicit in defrauding a renewable heating initiative (Colloquially known as the Cash for Ash scandal) for the benefit of their constituency.

EDIT: Not sure how I did that with the quote function :laughing:

But the Irish language act is added to the mix for extra fun and is being used as leverage

I’m also in Northern Ireland :grin:

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My kind of dinner

If we’re going to ask for Welsh and Gaelic and Ulster Scots, then on behalf of my very distant relatives (geographically) I must insist on throwing Doric into the ring.

Joking aside, if the Cardiff office reached a critical mass where providing support in Welsh wouldn’t be a problem (that is, enough native speakers that no-one should get an out-of-office reply, or be left in the lurch if the only Welsh speaker leaves), then it may well be worth it. While lack of Welsh support may not be offputting, Welsh support may be the feature that would tip the balance for a final decision.

There’s no denying that there are many proud Welsh speakers, and I gather the language has undergone something of a renaissance in terms of the decline in speakers having been reversed. And even in the news the other week I was reading an article about an argument over whether the Senedd should have an English name or not. Also the Super Furry Animals have done bloody good songs in Welsh, and even an entire album.

So while it may not necessarily need to be a priority, if the point is reached when it can be done - why not just do it?

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Wasn’t it Google?

And they had Klingon too!


No, it was (is?) Facebook.

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Yes. It may have been both?

I really like Gwenno who sings exclusively in Welsh I think. I’ll check out the Super Furry Animals.

Maybe if Monzo does grow into other countries it can develop its language programs alongside Welsh? It would be interesting to know wether the higher ups have considered or discussed this?