Monzo in the media

I am pretty sure that for every single startup with all their diverse marketing strategies, there’s an obnoxious marketer out there ready to claim that it’s just part of what they knew all along. To me it feels more like Monzo followed an “Agile”, in the true rather than more commonly practices cargo-cult, sense and engaged deeply with the actual customer.

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that emerged in the 1980s, in which emphasis is placed on building longer term relationships with customers rather than on individual transactions. It involves understanding the customers’ needs as they go through their life cycles. It emphasizes providing a range of products or services to existing customers as they need them.

Yeah, that’s adjacent, not actually what happened, and so vague as to be meaningless.

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I couldn’t agree more with @Peter_G

Community is not a “marketing tactic”. Perhaps some view it that way, I most certainly did not, and I’m not afraid to share that I caught heat for it on occasion.

My stance is simple - and that is that product community management is not just about representing your company to your customers, but also representing your customers to your company. And when your customers are saying things that your company doesn’t want to hear? That’s when it’s the most important.

There was a time when this was seen as the highest priority. And sure, businesses grow and evolve and change and face new challenges. But real community is foundational. As in, those efforts must continue to be supported. If they rot, you’re left on shaky ground.


I think whoever is in charge of the Monzo Twitter account has had too many E numbers!

Weird set of tweets in this thread :person_shrugging:

Have a look at all the polls? :rofl:

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I miss the days when that account was relevant.

@Peter_G are you now in charge of Monzo Twitter?


Jonas was a guest on the 11:FS podcast which can be found here :point_down:


Cheeky :joy:

(I can confirm I am not)

All those What’s are annoying me. The game is called Would You rather, not What would you rather!

Did they put someone new in charge of social media this year? Scrolling through a whole lot of cringe there. Reeks of millennial trying too hard to fit in with the gen z crowd. A bit like me when I trash talk my friends for being bad at Wordle. I only embarrass myself.


“throughout 2020 we doubled our annual revenue run rate and then doubled it again in 2021”

Given that by the end of 2019, Tom in the 2020 annual report said they’d got to £90m annual run-rate, that potentially puts Monzo at £360m run rate currently.

Profitability within reach by the sounds of it…

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If we can work out the for the new chief exec, perhaps we could have a whip round for a quid for him to pop by and say hello?

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Don’t think we’ll need to do a whip around for hello :thinking:

I’ll ask that we keep things on topic here as well everyone. Tidying up for now.

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Noticed an ad today

Leading to

Clickbait advert harvesting email addresses. Avoid!


Not to mention it’s ancient news, the same thing has been raised months ago


It is genuinely Hargreaves Lansdown, though. I have the majority of my investments with them.

I just use my Halifax app to image it, and whack the money over to Monzo. But I can count the number of cheques I’ve received in the past three years on my thumbs, so …

I don’t doubt who they are/what they do.

But having email addresses of people who are interested in investing is a very good marketing tool. That’s all this is for.


No doubt it is but it’s just one of those marketing exercises based on a trend to gather emails to “market” to people.

You see all sorts of variants like. “Download our free essentials guide on home improvements” just give us your email.

Next minute you’re getting all sorts of spam emails about buying home insurance, want a new sofa?, get finance on X appliance, have you considered setting out a will etc etc.


And pretty pointless to sign up because I’m pretty sure we’d notice if Monzo IPOd :sweat_smile: