Monzo in Prague

I am off to Prague on Monday and wondered if anybody can tell me if Monzo is working normally over there?

Hey there Ben!

We aren’t aware of any issues in Prague, so everything should be working just fine over there. Enjoy your trip!

I was out there last week - no issues at all with acceptance.

The only word of warning I would have though is to be aware of exchange rates on card machines - as always go for the local currency.

It’s seemingly super common in Prague to have “exchange rate scams” - sense check rates with Google if you do get cash from anywhere.


There are some mentions of Prague in the below topics and some all round good advice.


Hey, I was there at the end of last year. I found Honest Guide Prague on YouTube has some great videos. He also covers exchange rate scams and what ATMs are best to use.

Avoid any Euronet branded ATMs - and there are a LOT of Euronet branded ATMs there - they will try and scam you on fees, exchange rates and minimum withdrawal amounts.