Monzo In Romania 🇷🇴

I visited Romania recently for a week and had mixed success with Monzo.

  • None of the ATMs I tried in various cities/towns seemed to accept my Monzo card.

  • Every machine said the card was declined

  • I’d receive a notification on the Monzo app that it had been declined

  • Every pin/chip machine (POS machines in restaurants/bars) I tried did accept my Monzo card

I contacted support at the time and got the response that sometimes ATMs work off the magnetic stripe rather than the pin/chip so that could well be the reason? I’m not sure. Anywho, I thought I’d share this for anyone going to Romania soon!

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I was in Romania over the weekend and used Monzo exclusively for all card payments and cash withdraw. I didn’t have any issues and everything went through. There was only a slight delay in cash withdraws appearing on the app, but apart from that - all good!


Hey Emilia, do you remember if the exchange rates where good or not ?

You can check exactly which conversion rate you’ll get from Monzo (assuming the rates don’t change), using MasterCard’s online conversion tool. Monzo uses this ‘wholesale’ conversion rate & doesn’t charge any additional fees.


Just looked back on Monzo and I took out 350 RON which was about 68 GBP. Just checked on Google and today that would be about 66 GBP - very little different and of course, no extra fees!

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I was in Romania 3 weeks ago and Monzo worked great - no issues with payments (supermarket / gas) or ATM withdrawals. All good :slight_smile:

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Just back last week and used card at ATMs and for restaurant payments with no problems.

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Good to know Monzo works well in Romania. Will be heading there shortly. Had some issues last time but it was due to the payments provider not Monzo itself. (same thing affected Revolut if I recall correctly).

Will definitely use Monzo there. And maybe Starling and Revolut so that I can compare. :stuck_out_tongue:

Monzo vs. Romania 1 - 0

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Vă rugăm să nu postați detaliile cardului aici - este un forum public (mesaj tradus de Google)

salut a poti ajuta si pe mine cu contul meu si cardul

salut mai sunteti pe chat


Hello @vasile_virgil, we can only help you in the Monzo app. You can also call us at 0800 802 1281.


Bună ziua, vă putem ajuta doar în aplicația Monzo. Puteți, de asemenea, să ne sunați la 0800 802 1281 sau să ne trimiteți un e-mail la

(Acest mesaj a fost tradus în Google Translate, scuze pentru orice greșeală!)

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Va rog frumos din suflet mia fost furat ghiozdanul cu tot cu card și telefon cum pot să-mi recuperez cardul nu cunosc limba engleza am încercat sa sun dar nu anteleg ce spune

Pai nu știu sa vorbesc engleza osa vorbească engleza

Buna ziua! Noi suntem numai clienti Monzo ca dvs si nu putem ajuta aici. Trebuie sa contactati Monzo pe 0800 802 1281 sau

Daca telefonul a fost furat, e posibil sa accesati contul pe web si blocati cardul.

I hope the above is correct, I don’t speak much Romanian!

Just out of curiosity if someone signs up for an account but doesn’t speak English at all, are banks allowed to provide account/customer-specific help and advice in another language (if they speak it?).

I assume the answer might be no, or that they wouldn’t want to, so as to not raise any questions about what was said if something goes wrong or they’re audited

Buna ziua ma puteti azuta am sio un card monzo si nu mai am olenu

Hello! This isn’t the official Monzo support and while we try to help, we usually do best with questions in English

I think I get most of your questions but I have no idea what

is, and it’s the most crucial part of your message. Is it a typo perhaps, like “azuta”?