Monzo in Kuwait 🇰🇼

Juat used monzo in Kuwait with no problems :ok_hand:

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Works fine, but authorisation codes come back with letters which confuses cashier all the time who are used to just getting numbers.

Retail in Kuwait is known for collecting personal details for marketing purposes. At the point of sale you may choose to decline to give you details. However, I have seen cashiers using the name on the merchant copy of the card receipt to complete their transaction as I’m sure it’s a requirement of their job. I enjoyed using the prepaid card because it had no name which always confused them! But now this is gone :frowning:

Does Monzo allow ATM withdraws is Kuwait and if so Which specific bank does that? I have an amount that I need to withdraw from my Monzo card (UK) to my Kuwaiti card as I am temporarily staying in Kuwait because of the pandemic.

Any ATM that’s part of the MasterCard network, just look for the logo

First £200 is free per rolling 30 day period and after that there’s a 3% charge. The atm may also charge you

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Oh woah thanks for the quick response I wasn’t expecting that haha I appreciate it, that’s interesting I was just wondering because a friend of mine tried to withdraw from an ATM and it didn’t work so maybe I’m guessing it’s that specific bank that declined it and also the exchange rate is horrible I’m going to have to pay with the Kuwaiti currency instead of pounds

It might be that your friend picked a machine that didn’t take MasterCard. If their cash machines use magnetic strip instead of chip then it will decline if you don’t have that enabled in app. If it doesn’t work then try turning that on. You’ll find that setting on the account button under your card picture on iOS

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Cheers brotha :muscle:t3: I appreciate it. Will do and will update you in the future if I’m lucky enough to go outside in these crazy times, stay safe.