Monzo in Jordan

Going to Jordan in a few weeks, anyone used Monzo there recently? Can’t see anything since ‘17.

Did you use Monzo in Jordan? Was it accepted? Just wondering as I’m going in a few months.

I recently tried withdrawing cash from Jordan kuwait bank ATM at city mall, i withdrew 100 JDs which costed me £115.88, perfect exchange rate and no fees at all!

Keep in mind that i got monzo premium :+1:

I’m currently in Jordan.

Jordan Kuwait Bank now charges in USD. Exchange rate is almost right. Still no extra charges, so still the best option.

They aren’t one of the 3 ATMs at the airport. In order they charge JOD 4, 5 & 6.

You’ll probably need cash for the Airport Taxi (it’s hot and miss as to whether the card machine is “working”).

The bus is JOD3.30 cash only. They take EUR and USD. $10 or €10. It’s a woeful rate! JOD3.30 is currently $4.65 and €4.39. Best to take the hit at the ATM.

Also, Uber charges in JOD on the app and receipt, but the actual charge is in USD (at an awful rate). I flagged this with Uber. They consistently blamed my bank (ie Monzo).