Monzo in Krakow (Poland)

Hello everybody. I have just activated my Monzo card (I am from the U.k). I am hoping to use my Monzo card in Krakow when i travel on the 13th of January. It is as easy as just finding an ATM that accepts Mastercard and has free withdrawals? (I am staying right in the center in the old quarter. Also how quickly does it take to transfer money from my own bank account to my Monzo card? Thanks in advance for replies

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Generally instant, but can take longer if the sending bank needs to make any checks.

Bank transfers should be near instant, so long as your old bank uses faster payments - most do. Although I know HSBC do their own checks so they may be slower.

Yeah, just use the ATM like you do in the UK but always choose to withdraw cash in local currency and not £GBP. Same thing for using your card for normal card payments abroad.

And avoid tourist trap ATMs which charge silly fees. These are normally in airports, train stations and tourist hotspots. Avoid: Travelex, Euronet, Moneybox, Your Cash, Cardpoint, and Cashzone ATMs. Use ones branded with local bank names.

Transfers to Monzo are usually instant but can take up to two hours :slight_smile:
Enjoy your trip to Krakow