Monzo iMessage App

Maybe Monzo could create an iMessage app that allows people to send/request money straight from iMessage?


I like the idea but it would probably be against Apple’s Terms of Service due to Apple Pay Cash.

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Apple switching that on outside the United States, never seems to arrive


However Apple Pay cash isn’t currently available in the UK and other countries. And there is a similar service called Circle Pay that does pretty much the same thing in its main app and iMessage. Just feel as though it may be easier doing it directly with the bank rather than via a third party.

Doesn’t pay with a link sort of do this? And everyone can use it?

It does, however implementing it into iMessage could be appealing to some.

Sounds like something for Monzo time.

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I would like to see this! Pretty sure it’s not against Apple’s terms.

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It absolutely isn’t.

There are certain allowed categories of iMessage apps, and payments is one of them.

From the developer documentation:


I would also love this. Some other (brief) discussion on the topic here: