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I know this is a much bigger task than I’m making it sound in terms of branding. But before I placed the app in my main deck on my iPhone, I always found it difficult to spot because I was always automatically looking for a coral coloured icon.

It would be great to see the coral colour more widely spread across the brand as the cards are now becoming very recognisable to people who don’t have an account :slight_smile:

That would require a somewhat substantial rebrand. You can set up custom icons within the app settings though.

Agree this would obviously be a much bigger job in terms of rebranding. But an additional coral option to the ‘custom icons’ would be great!

I really want a Hot Chip app icon :frowning:

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I don’t know how easy it is on iPhone but Android you can hold on icon, edit shortcut and then swap the icon directly without the need of being Beta.

I like this iOS beta colour personally.


I had mine the monzonaut for awhile but set it back without the background.


Monzo on iOS only shows two options at the moment: Default and Pride.

I have 4 but not sure why my beta is different to the one above.

For some reason, the Beta has always been mint green on iOS, whereas it’s red on Android.
There was discussion about this previously, but not sure what the end-result was.

There are additional icons for different purposes
In addition to the two you mentioned;

  • Alpha, for those who joined Monzo in the early days
  • Beta, for those who joined Monzo during the beta period
  • Investor, for those who invested in one of the crowdfunding rounds
  • Monzonaut, for those who are employed by Monzo
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With Android you can make your own icon for any app and set it within your launcher. I guess good old Apple don’t allow this in their stance of non-customisation.

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You can set it to anything the developer allows.

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Re- The Beta Icon… Is the iOS set going to eventually reflect the Android set? Or Vice Versa?

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I’d seen it suggested that iOS would reflect Android but that was a long time ago.


I like the android beta icon more​:weary:. Shall we swap devices? :expressionless:

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In practical terms it would be quite difficult to make the card colour an integral brand element because the RGB and the CMYK nearest colour equivalents would be both different from the card colour AND from each other. Fluorescent colours are really tricky.

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I want this. How can we make it happen? #myOCDcanttakeitanymore

I can change mine to anything I like.


Try and stop me.


@Rika @HughWells can someone advise why the Beta icon for android and iOS are different? :disappointed:Alpha and Beta being inverted for different operating systems must be a bug? If not then a very bad decision :joy:


Here’s the response:


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