Monzo giving two months’ notice of account closures

Love your two priorities there. Forum word marking and dental hygiene.

Both very important.

Reminds me I need to order some new ones…


Yes. I think it only works in the Mail app. If you have an email open on the screen, and say “Remind me about this (whenever)” when you open the reminder (or long press the notification), there will be a link to that email presented as an icon on the right of the screen.

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Yes, we had a small set of people who would order new cards or just re-add their cards to a mobile wallet very frequently to abuse new user offers on things like gambling sites, Uber, Deliveroo, etc.

It was to the point where it became a bit of a meme in the comments of HotUKDeals.

You can thank those people for one of the waves of card delivery changes (and for the projects that were unfortunately dropped to work on that).


Hi @mark2021 , you’ve shared some circumstances here that we’d like to make sure we’ve spoken with you about - can you please reach out through the app so that we can take the conversation forward?


Good luck, @mark2021


I’ll be closing theTopic for now as it seems to have grown to quite a considerable size with a range of informative and off topic points.

The overall takeaway here is that if you do find yourself in this position where we (Monzo) have advised that we intend to close your account, it would be best to reach out to our team directly - over the phone, through the in app chat or by email at

The Community can support customer with answers regarding general banking at Monzo as it’s clear we have some of the most informed users who enjoy helping their fellow Monzo customer.