Monzo gambling withdrawals e.g. Betfred

Hi what time doesn’t Monzo process withdrawals from gambling accounts

I use betfred normally when they process it from there side its in myMonzo next day but last one hasnt this time been waiting

What is the latest time of Uk Monzo accept this payment

Is it a payment a refund what type of transaction ?

Edit I have contacted the merchant they advise it’s nothing to do with them once payment is released from their end and all down to the bank

It’s nothing to do with monzo. It’s on the merchant.

Monzo process transactions as and when they happen. As soon as Monzo are advised of a credit in your name, it’s in your account. If it’s not in your account, Monzo have yet to receive it.

I’m sure Betfred will say on their T&C that withdrawals may take up to X days. I have no clue what kind of transaction it comes through as, but surely you can just look at a prior credit to see what it came through as?

I have contacted the merchant and they advised once it is processed from their side it’s out of their control

And it’s down to bank process time ?

Previously I’ve had them all at different times of day and it is shown as online payment ?

Last year (was it?) when there was a huge issue with many betting firms and deposits not turning up, there was a full explanation of the whole process of how a deposit gets from the betting company to your account, and there were a surprising number of organisations and processes involved. Any one of those could be slowing the process down.

Best thing you can do is wait at this point.

So because it’s justness before 10pm uk is it impossible for Monzo to process it now today or is there still a chance it will hit my account ?

From memory they are issued in batch files, and I believe the systems are automated and will process the file as and when it arrives. I don’t have that intimate a knowledge to say either way, sorry.

Thank you for your help

If you still have problems, you need to ask Betfred for the ARN (acquirer reference number) and ask Monzo CS to check it. CS may not know what you’re talking about though :joy:

I think that’s correct. To add, I remember reading that Monzo process batch files more regularly than legacy banks, meaning your credit should arrive quicker in comparison :blush:

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That’s correct, a bit more detail on a similar thread from the brilliant @Rika

Monzo and Bet 365


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