Monzo for iPhone - Release Notes (v1.9.29)

Hello everyone :wave:

Our latest iOS app update is up and ready for action. Two big headline things to talk about (and give us your feedback on) - the new help screen and notifications when you’re close to going overdrawn.

Here’s the full release notes.

Help is getting an overhaul. We’ve (hopefully) made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and done smart stuff in the background so you’re more likely to see relevant information before you even start looking.

If you’re close to going overdrawn, we’ll let you know before it happens. So you can choose to go into your overdraft (if you’ve got one), or add money from elsewhere.

As always, please share your feedback below :heart:


Help button crashes app on my iPhone SE, iOS 10.3.3


As in the Help tab, or the “speak with a human”/“start a chat” button?

Works fine for me iOS 11.02.6

Help section looks great

On help section > limits> What are my limits?

2nd paragraph, the third word has been missed, says “A 30 rolling limit” instead of 30 day rolling limit

Like the limits section, didn’t know any of that except the foreign ATM charge

Sneaks peeks will stop some complaints

Sorry: the Help tab.

There were a few things I mentioned in app, but now it appears that on the payments screen your Monzo contacts are now above your recent - I’d prefer the other way round because if you have a growing number of contacts your recent will go further down.

Also on the help tab if you go to chat with a real human and start to type your message, then go to leave to check something in the app and go back, anything you have typed has disappeared, however if you go to chat history and select a new chat, anything typed will remain.

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agree with switching monzo users and recent users

Having my Monzo contacts above the payees is a better arrangement, I agree. I noticed on a screen shot in the sneak peaks that the monzo contacts appear as bubbles and scroll horizontally. This would be even better for the organisation of this screen.

I think they still need to remove or hide golden tickets banner and phone contacts. I’m left wondering how often people use those features now.

I just updated and my pulse flatlined! :astonished::dizzy_face: although scrolling along and back again made it come back to life.

I think my bank account might be a zombie now.


My honest opinion:

I like how there are new sections :+1: . What i don’t like about it is, that you have to scroll to see everything. On small devices it feels very cramped up, whereas before it was a grid like which was quite nice and didn’t take as much screen than in this new update.

1.9.31 is here!