Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v.1.23.1)

(Richard Cook) #1

Hey everyone!

Here’s the release notes for the current Android app. It’s got some features that I think you’ll be very excited about, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. (Sorry for the pun).

Here they are, in haiku form.

1. We’ve added profile pictures!
Upload a picture
And link your wonderful face
To your Monzo app

2. We’ve introduced Fingerprint!
More security
With Fingerprint Privacy
If you’re into it

3. We’ve reorganised statements!
We’ve grouped bank statements
So it’s easy to find them
In the Settings screen


Please share your feedback below :heart:

We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)
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(Ed Holmes) #2

Sorry if I missed this being announced in a previous version, but has the Developer Settings activity been removed? Is it set to make a comeback at all?

(Richard Cook) #3

Let’s discuss the latest release here:

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