Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v1.19.0)

Hello everyone :wave:

Is mid-January too late to still be wishing people a happy new year? Of course not! (Although you might want to give it up by March).

And we’re wishing an especially happy new year to our Android users, with our first app update of the year. Here’s the release notes.

  • Added a way for you to get help direct from your transaction screen
  • Moved where you manage scheduled payments to under the Payments tab (makes sense, right?)
  • Made it easier for you to jump around between different parts of the app
  • Added a few prompts to help you upgrade to the current account.

And, of course, we’ve squashed bugs :bug:, tweaked words :writing_hand:t5: and generally tidied the place up :wastebasket:.

Happy not-so-new year!

Please share your feedback below :heart:


Hopefully this is the right place for this feedback - it’s not related to this release exactly…

  • The Floating Action Button on the payments screen takes me to my phone contacts app to add a new contact. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see this as very useful. I would have it initiate a new payment.

  • Is it possible to have the invite contacts section collapsed by default? Or maybe even have a button that goes to a different screen. It displays all my phonebook contacts, most of whom aren’t on Monzo and will never get invited. It makes the page uneccessarily long IMO.


Something definitely needs to be done on improving that screen :+1:. I think Monzo have it in the works though :construction_worker_man:

I think the version number in the title is wrong? :wink:

Should be 1.19.0, if my app is to be believed :smiley:

Lovely update though!! Really appreciate the little things, like having DD’s in the right part of the app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1.19.0 here as well (just to make 20 - here it is

Good eyes :eyes:

Sloppy bit of copy-pasting there on my part from the other release thread :see_no_evil:

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Version 1.20.0 is rolling out now

Share your feedback here.