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This will be the main thread for sharing all the latest release notes for our Android app :tada:

We’ll keep the top post fresh with the newest notes, and keep the older ones stored below for posterity.

So comments are turned off here. But feel free to use the #ideas:feedback category to share what you think about specific new features and changes.

Latest Android release: v2.22

Everything’s getting a bit snappier: you can add Monzo to Google Pay from the Account screen, if you’re new to Monzo you’ll have a sleeker sign-up experience, and we’ve battled a few bugs to generally keep things moving smoothly.



People with Samsung phones, we’re sorry: for some of you, opening an account was a real pain. But we’ve fixed it! We’ve also made opening a Pot a better experience; you can now change the Pot image and set a goal right from the start.


Bill splitters of the world unite – we’ve made it easier to tell that you can split bills with people even if they don’t have Monzo accounts! Although, you know, if they wanted to get Monzo accounts that would still be cool.


We fixed a silly bug in your Pulse graph that meant you could tap on a day in the future and see a ‘Spent today’ box. Like we said: silly.


In this week’s release, we’ve tidied up your profile and settings sections, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

For those testing bill splitting in Monzo Labs, we’ve added the ability to split the bill with people who aren’t on Monzo, as well as nearby Monzo users.


There’s nothing much to share with you this week, except that we’ve smoothed out the log-in process a bit. And of course there’s our everlasting gratitude for being one of the million people using Monzo to manage their money. No YOU’RE crying at your desk.


Something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time: bill splitting has just landed in Labs! Head to your settings, tap Monzo Labs and give it a whirl. We’d love to hear what you think.

We’ve also jazzed up the card activation flow, so it’s a nicer experience if you’re using your card for the first time.


This week’s release makes it easier for those new to Monzo to get up and running quickly, with some friendly intro screens.


Fixed some issues with Joint Account sign up
Fixed an issue where the Pulse graph combined joint account and current account data


There’s not a lot to update you on at the moment, just some general sprucing up. But we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed, so here’s a nature fact:

The kinkajou (a little rainforest mammal also known as the ‘honey bear’) can turn its feet around and run just as fast backwards as forwards.


In this update you can:
get a PIN reminder with your fingerprint
create a scheduled payment from the scheduled payments page (which makes sense)
never again see a misplaced extra % in your travel report.


Ever heard the phrase ‘unknown unknowns’? That’s the things you don’t even realise you don’t know, rather than just the things you know you don’t know… make sense?

If you’re new to Monzo, you might have a few unknown unknowns. So we’ve tweaked our Help section to suggest things that new people might find more useful, rather than leaving them to fend entirely for themselves.

We’ve also made it so you don’t need to talk to us if you want to update your phone number. You can edit it yourself from your Profile.

Should make things easier for people, you know?


New phone number? Easy. No need to chat to customer support anymore, just head to Settings and change it in the app.


This week: some behind-the-scenes work for a little button that’ll make paying your bills a bit less stressful. Coming soon!


Are release notes without anything in them even technically release notes? Hmm.


There’s not a lot to update you on at the moment, just some general sprucing up. But we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed, so here’s a nature fact:

Some types of snail can sleep for up to three years. Remarkable.


We’ve been giving a little feature you know and love some TLC behind the scenes, to tidy it up and make it easier to find. We’ll let you know in-app once it’s ready for the main stage


While most people are outside enjoying the summer-y, we’ve been indoors tinkering with Summary. (Sorry.)

Now you’ll see sub-totals for your payments per category, so it’s easier to spot what sort of things you’re spending most on.


Fingers: definitely easier to remember than PINs. So now, if you like, you can use fingerprint ID to authorise your payments instead of your PIN. Switch it on from your Settings screen.


Big one this week! We’ve been tinkering away behind the scenes with our friends at TransferWise, and we’re delighted to say you can now make international payments from your Monzo app. It’s up to 8x cheaper than with highstreet banks, and the same price you’d pay with TransferWise direct. Check it out from your Payments screen.

Also, if you don’t want us to predict your subscription payments you can now switch predictions off in your Summary.


Hi all, we’re not going to update these any more. But you can always ask us if you’d like to know what’s been in previous releases :slight_smile:

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