Android Release Notes

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This will be the main thread for sharing all the latest release notes for our Android app :tada:

We’ll keep the top post fresh with the newest notes, and keep the older ones stored below for posterity.

So comments are turned off here. But feel free to use the #ideas:feedback category to share what you think about specific new features and changes.

Latest Android release: v2.5

While most people are outside enjoying the summer-y, we’ve been indoors tinkering with Summary. (Sorry.)

Now you’ll see sub-totals for your payments per category, so it’s easier to spot what sort of things you’re spending most on.

Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v2!)
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Fingers: definitely easier to remember than PINs. So now, if you like, you can use fingerprint ID to authorise your payments instead of your PIN. Switch it on from your Settings screen.


Big one this week! We’ve been tinkering away behind the scenes with our friends at TransferWise, and we’re delighted to say you can now make international payments from your Monzo app. It’s up to 8x cheaper than with highstreet banks, and the same price you’d pay with TransferWise direct. Check it out from your Payments screen.

Also, if you don’t want us to predict your subscription payments you can now switch predictions off in your Summary.