Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

Version 2.41.1

No new changelog, no insights from my teardown :eyes:

This’ll be a bug fix release to a bug which I can’t track down :innocent:


Version: 2.42.0



Custom pot images :hot_coral_heart:

Teardown: (done :smiley:)


2.42.1 out now with same changelog as above

ISAs for everyone! You can open an ISA in the app today, in the same way you’d set up a Savings Pot (head to your Account tab to get started).

Also: there’s nothing more motivating than seeing what you’re saving for in front of your very eyes. So now you can choose your own Pot images - be it your dream holiday destination or a brand new hoover (we won’t judge).

Would much rather s/hoover/vacuum cleaner/ but never mind.
But also … why not both?






Late night beta :yum: I’ve got some screenshots to edit & share :ok_hand::sunglasses:

Plus a full teardown in the morning :raised_hands:

Goodnight all :grin:


Ahhh this must be the new ‘Home for notifications’ feature that was someones first job when they started at Monzo. I remember him sharing the screenshots on twitter but I can’t remember who it was and I can’t find it :frowning_face:

Basically. Notifications will now appear at the top in a carousel to avoid them being missed in your home feed. Plus it negates the need for those annoying red dots :tada:

Yep, I found this on Twitter and posted it on the Scrap the Graph thread

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That’s the one! :smiley:

To save everyone a click, here is the image:



It’s a cool place for notifications, but… if you don’t clear them then I can imagine it could get a bit annoying them all hanging around in that space.
E.g. I don’t clear my interest notifications otherwise there’s no way for me to see my interest gained in any particular month.

Nice idea. The idea could be used for multiple things.

  • A place for prediction and spending insights. Similar to what we had in “your year in monzo”.

  • Shortcuts to things you do regularly within the app based off your regular usage patterns.

So does this mean there’s no room for the pulse now?


Don’t mention it to Danny if true. His number 1 hobby is raging about the pulse graph


Ooh - adding credit card(s) linking - well, Barclaycard(s) linking - is now available with Joint Accounts. Nice.

Edit: Doesn’t seem to work. Or doesn’t display immediately. Sign up via Truelayer goes OK but Monzo doesn’t display credit card details in JA. Will remove card from PA & retry linking in JA in case there is a conflict.

Edit#2: Removed c/card linking in labs and started from scratch in Joint Account - switched on c/card linking in labs, went through the linking process via truelayer & was successfully returned to Monzo who informed it was all successful. But no card details shown at the bottom of the (Joint) Account tab. Only “+ Connect your Barclaycard account”

[Android Beta 2.43.0]
Anyone else seeing the yellow error message at the bottom of the Profile display - shown as soon as the Profile details display?


It informs of a problem but not what the problem is. Then it disappears. And everything (other than linking to a Barclaycard) seems to work OK.


I am :yum: that was one of the screenshots I wanted to share :joy: Seeing the exact same warning when I head to Profile

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He’s not alone!!

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Version: 2.43.0



(@16bitkieran beat me to it :wink:)

Immediately noticeable within the app :eyes:

  • Some new animations (I believe) - I will confirm this later :sunglasses:
  • Barclaycard Button :boom:
  • Reoganised Pot creation :honey_pot:

image image

Teardown: (done :smiley:)

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Another one here.

Maybe because it’s lost the connection to Barclaycard. Is it happening to anyone who has NOT linked to Barclaycard?

My Barclaycard was connected and now isn’t :frowning: