Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog


:joy: :joy: I worked that part out. I’ve not seen any lending promotions yet though. Anyone else?


Ahhh that’s nifty!

I’ve not seen or heard of any “lending promotions” - Other than “spread the cost”, but always assumed that was just a name for “I want a short term loan”.

Interesting to see how Monzo roll out the lending promotions, but the fact you can turn them off will counter any future argument over “I don’t want to see that”.

(Is Santa here yet?) #574

I think it was said on slack that this is loans and overdrafts


This was a big talking point in the final days of Starlings forum, as I’m sure you know better than most @nickh. Interesting choice made by Monzo here


Yeah absolutely.

It’s the obvious play, and I think in hindsight, would have negated a lot of the complaints levied at Starling when they first tested the waters with “promotional lending”.

Starling went down the big banner presented within the feed (which was universally hated) - But it only appeared when you hit the lending criteria (a spend of over £500, accepted overdraft of over £550 and so on).

I’ll be interested to see what Monzo are doing with it, and whether there will be more than just the previously discussed “spread the cost” loan product.

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There doesn’t seem to be a way of cancelling a split the bill request at the moment, unless I’m missing something? I like the new functionality though.


Hopefully the ability to edit and delete splits is on its way.

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Couldn’t agree more! :grin::grin:

Just said the exact same thing here:

(Sean) #580

Like the new account setup but seems like some of the help article links are broken now.

Went to find the gambling block and the link from the help took me to the old location instead of manage card where it is now.

(Jordan Taylor) #581

Most likely because the help articles are geared for production vs us on beta. I expect this will change when the release is public.

(Sean) #582

Good point!


Slightly odd bug in summary. The number of days to payday is cut off as pictured above…


This has been reported many times in the bug section.


Ah thanks. If not seen that.

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Version 2.19.0 :tada::tada::tada::grin::grin::grin:

Looking amazing! :heart_eyes:


Android v2.19 with Custom App Icons :heart_eyes:

(Stephen Morris) #588

Looks like there are profile-specific icons too!


Got all these apart from the investor.


I don’t even have the beta one :-\

(Stephen Spencer) #591

Is the Alpha icon in there too? Android users could only start using Mon{z|d}o at Beta, but I guess you could have been an iOS users and switched?