Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

Version: 2.43.0



(@16bitkieran beat me to it :wink:)

Immediately noticeable within the app :eyes:

  • Some new animations (I believe) - I will confirm this later :sunglasses:
  • Barclaycard Button :boom:
  • Reoganised Pot creation :honey_pot:

image image

Teardown: (done :smiley:)

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Another one here.

Maybe because it’s lost the connection to Barclaycard. Is it happening to anyone who has NOT linked to Barclaycard?

My Barclaycard was connected and now isn’t :frowning:

Mine has stayed connected since day one, not sure why if everyone else is disconnecting

Version: 2.44.0



Teardown: (Done :raised_hands:)


Version: 2.44.1


No difference :slight_smile:

Teardown: Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻 (Done :raised_hands:)

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Come on @nexusmaniac you’re slacking since you became coral crew. This was over an hour ago and not a peep from you :stuck_out_tongue:


Just installed beta 2.45.0

Like the new homescreen layout. Will try further and report later.

Some new screens have appeared for loans (or have become available for me)







Monzo plus available through the account section.

Display bug in feed when switching between Joint and Personal accounts - anyone else (using both PA and JA accounts) seeing this on Android beta 2.45.0?

I’m still not eligible for a loan even though I’m always in credit and I have the max overdraft available :cry:

Also not seeing the Monzo Plus option, guess it is being rolled out in batches?

I have both accounts, can you describe what bug you’re seeing and I’ll gladly check mine :slight_smile:

Full details of the account switching Home feed issue are here; We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

I’m not either, though I didn’t sign up to this (if I remember right, there was a Google Form to register your interest)

I see Monzo Plus if I go to my Profile while in my Personal Account, but strangely don’t have the same Monzo Plus item if I go to my Profile while in my Joint Account. But yet it is the same Profile?

Wow yeah you’re right :open_mouth:

It kind of overlays the two feeds until you click on something else or scroll far down and back up again.

I signed up :sob:


Oh wow you’re right again! Bloody hell mate you’re on a roll with finding these bugs :rofl:

Good work :+1:


Im seeing the transaction list not refreshing when switching out of the joint account. It gets stuck on the JA list.

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Until you scroll up & down the feed or tap on Summary (then tap back) or tap on a feed item (then tap back)? Same as what I found. It’ll be a minor initialisation call that hasn’t been cleared or something.

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