Monzo Flex pre payment view

But doesn’t given you the option to reject when you don’t :exploding_head:

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying? There is already reject option in the 3DS authorisation flow.

When I buy from Amazon I only receive an active card check notification, don’t usually have to approve everything if my card is saved.

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If you don’t have to auth, then you’re creating more friction.

People will start to rely on this step as an interest check stage, when they don’t have to auth the payment, then it’ll go through without the chance to check.

My card is saved and I have to. I never used to have to. but as of a couple of months ago I’ve had to do it for every purchase I’ve made. So it seems like they’re gradually expanding it and will eventually do it to everyone.

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Fairs, I didn’t recently.

How? It’s the same friction when there’s no auth. You visit the app once to choose your repayment plan.

Not necessarily they won’t and you don’t know that they will. You might. I won’t. Neither of us can speak for people collectively.

The downside you reference as being a consequence of this idea is already a pre-existing consequence of the design of flex as it is. It’s not something this will cause. It just doesn’t solve it. But solving that problem is not what this idea is for. If you think it might exacerbate that problem, then that’s fair criticism against it, I admit, but you can’t know for certain that it will; it hasn’t been implemented yet.

It’s 100% certain it will.

Currently there is no method to check what the payments/interest would be.

If this idea was to be implemented then you have a final check, adding more confusion, problems, friction or skipping it. Either way it’s worse.

But this is a terrible idea that will not happen. For that reason, I’m out.

And that’s based on what? If you’re going to state something as fact, back it up with evidence. Just because you say it will doesn’t mean it will.

@TheoGibson seemed to like it when I suggested it in the Flex thread a while back :frowning:

Purchase > Monzo to auth > auth & select plan > back to merchant

I agree that this a great improvement.

Purchase > no auth > don’t go to Monzo > transaction goes through when you just wanted to check payment terms

is much much worse.

Unless you’re going to force add the Monzo choose a plan early on, which I don’t think they can do on its own, but that is adding the dreaded friction.

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Disclaimer: I only had a brief read of the thread…

I think it’d depend on the payment path. Showing a view of what your monthly payments/ etc. would be on the 3DS screen (when you make a payment online and have to approve the payment in the app) would be possible but it’d come with a lot of caveats:

  • We don’t always do a 3DS check for online payments for various reasons - such as for things out of our control - eg. the merchant doesn’t support 3DS. This would create a level on uncertainty for customers on whether they’d see this or whether the payment would just go through without seeing this screen.
  • The goal of 3DS is perform 2 factor authentication and reduce fraud and we want customers to focus on whether they should be approving the transaction or not - so changing the context to “this is what your monthly payments look like” would be a bit of a risk
  • The 3DS flow is an extremely important payment flow and so adding complexity to this comes with risks.
  • We wouldn’t be able to show this screen for point of sale purchases where there’s a short time window (less than a second) in which we have to respond to the merchant.

TLDR; It’d be pretty cool and is feasible but hard and comes with a lot of overhead - so unlikely to be a priority i’m afraid.


Amazon pay in 3/5 stuff (with amazon directly) usually asks me to verify my chase card via 3DS but thats it.

I just ordered a swathe of stuff over black friday (and my partner did as well) and neither did 3DS at any time as we did no pay in 3/5.

I’d never had to authorise anything on Amazon before that bookcase, but did have to for that order and every order since. None were amazon instalments.

You maybe done meet their risk appetite now, reading and all that jazz :rofl:



Or they just hate me for choosing paper books over a kindle.

I don’t even read physical books anymore. Everything is on my iPad now. But I’ve gathered a large collection of academic books over my many years (afraid to say decades but it’s fast approaching) with the OU and needed somewhere better to put them.

I don’t have it in me to get rid of them. Not sure why, because I’m not particularly sentimental. The math ones do come in handy for looking up a formula from time to time though.

Just want to say thank you for engaging on this! Really appreciate it, and your perspective.

I think you about got the gist of it.

I think for me I’m coming at this from a place of great frustration with 3DS in general. Ever since SMS started disappearing as an option I’ve been a very avid and vocal critic of the way this is done.

It requires me to have access to my phone whenever I’m buying something, because there is no cross-platform third party option anymore (authenticator app support or something of the like would be amazing) which I really don’t like. So it’s become an incredibly annoying and frustrating part of the experience.

That was until Chase came along and added some utility to the flow that actually made it a useful and engaging part of the process as opposed to an annoyance. And that’s really shifted my perspective, and so I’m wanting to see more of that from other banks. It’s been universally praised, and the concerns raised by folks above about reliance and added friction for the other flows have just never transpired there.

I think Flex is a natural candidate for enhanced functionality in that flow, because it sort of bridges the gap in the part of the checkout process where other BNPL options have more control over the process and Monzo Flex doesn’t, which I think is a significant advantage to Klarna and PayPal.

The idea of hijacking this flow doesn’t really need to end with Flex either (though it’s beyond the scope of the suggestion here). But for the current account you could incorporate pots, to let users select or change which pot the money could be taken from for instance. Couple that with the US’s implementation of paying merchants from pots, and I think you’d have a pretty rad experience overall IMO.

I do get where you’re coming from with those caveats though. But knowing that additional, useful, and contextual utility is possible to implement within this flow has completely transformed how I perceive this element of the checkout process from naught but nuisance into something I’d actually appreciate. I get it’s but one of many flows though.

Finally found my suggestion from the other thread: