Monzo Expense Management Integration

Would there ever be an integration that would open up a new market to self employed customers who wish to track their finances and provide simpler returns at the same time? At the moment I am using Intuit QuickBooks but this still requires me to manually enter data.
A near automatic returns system for self employed users would be incredible!


I think this is a good idea but Monzo are really aiming for personal accounts not business. But Tide and Monizo etc are aiming for self-employed business accounts.

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Welcome to the community Nathan!

It would! Funnily enough, Tom laid out his vision for the perfect expenses system recently -

which sounds a lot like the perfect solution to me :slight_smile:

Some of the Monzonaughts have already started experimenting with using the API to copy their transaction data into a spreadsheet, which would speed up your data capture process -

but ultimately, that shouldn’t be necessary in a while, once Monzo launches it’s marketplace & companies like Intuit can set up an integration, like the one you mention, between their apps & Monzo’s API, which isn’t quite ready yet.

Interestingly, this story which was published yesterday, mentioned that Tide (a fintech bank for business, backed by the same investors as Monzo) is also working on a solution for expense management. So Monzo may pass them the baton once they’ve finished work on that feature.

In the meantime, you might find some of the ideas discussed here useful too -

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Hi. In Android at least, on a transaction, I can add a note or link a photo. I sometimes get receipts as pdf files by email. So In addition, it would be good to select pdf files (or maybe any file type) to a transaction. I don’t know if you store links or copies of files in the app itself.

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