Monzo downgrades forecast


…from a billion customers to just millions.

unless they mean thousands of millions?

or are they saying it will only be millions of customers who are brilliant and the rest will be less than brilliant?

(Marta) #2

Maybe just Monzo did check and actually the number of brilliant people doesn’t exceed 1,000,000,000, the rest is just okay? :smiley:

(Simon B) #3

A billion is still millions.

But actually you are correct.

Our new aim is 999,999,999 customers :wink:


You know if you add millions they eventually become billion :grinning:


Not necessarily. It all depends upon how many millions you have to add together.


US or UK billion?

(Simon B) #7


We have a winner!

In true QI fashion, imagine a screen flashing with your comment whilst a klaxon sounds repeatedly. :wink::+1:

(Peter Roberts) #9

It’s always good to have intermediate goals. It helps you stay motivated :wink:

(Jolin) #10

There’s no difference. The British billion was standardised to 1,000 million decades ago.


I refuse to recognise this colonial influence.

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