Monzo User number should start at 1 for US Customers

It would be cool if this number only reflected the number of US customers

If Joint Accounts don’t keep their own count, I don’t see why US ones should. :man_shrugging:


The aim is to get to 1bn globally, so it’s good to see where you are on that overall journey. I was one of the first non-staff on Android, but my number is in the thirty thousands, cos it was launched so long after iOS. Breakdowns of any sort just add complexity.

Highly unlikely - Monzo won’t have multiple customer tables in the DB, they’ll have one.

I wonder if compliance with US banking regulations involves having data stored on servers within the US? Probably. In which case there would be a second set of data, independent of the current UK database.

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What he said. This isn’t the reason. Even if it were, it’s trivial to manipulate DB data, that’s kinda the point.

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You could easily create views that would show the sequence within different groups


Yes but why have two customers with customer number 1? Even if you have a separate customer reference, there’s just no point.


It’d likely just be @oliver that is number 1 on both, anyway! :cowboy_hat_face:

Because they are the first US customer and the first UK customer obviously. It’s basic database architecture.

There is the overall customer number and then internally there is probably a 2nd number of the product UK/US/Joint/Business it would be nice if they displayed that I guess.

I mean it in a way that it would be pure curiosity and joy rather anything functional. Sometimes the former is more important :smiley: