100,000 users!


Surely £100m spent, not £1m?

Yep that’s right! We updated a little bit ago :slightly_smiling_face:

100,000 is fantastic, but “Users” really? Is that “end users”? Maybe “account holders” or “customers” would be more appropriate and more personable? I dislike the way citizens/customers/clients/suppliers/partners/systems are sometimes rather lazily and/or dismissively all called “users” elsewhere, instead of treating them as something more individual. I’m sure that’s not the case at all in Monzo, so please let’s not use other folks’ legacy names, please.

Congratulations anyway. :smiley:

Personally I think “users” is the more personal term :stuck_out_tongue: “account holders” sounds detached to me & “customers” has the revenue generating reference. So perhaps there’s no right answer here & it all comes down to interpretation! :slight_smile:


Yes, maybe you’re right! Good we can discuss it here at Monzo.

All the best.


To me a customer is the best word as it symbolises a relationship with Monzo. A user signifies to me two things, someone who uses someone or a drug addict, and neither are ideal connotations

We could always put this to a poll :slight_smile:

Not sure it that important, but for interest how do we create a poll on here, as it is not obvious

I agree, that idea was just a way to head off random suggestions which don’t add up to a meaningful conclusion :wink:

Just click the cog when creating a post to bring up the Build Poll option -


add your options & choose insert poll.

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Thanks for the useful reply

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And now £100,000,000 spent too :tada: :tada: :tada:


We might need some more discussion to create a shortlist first. Some to start with… account holders, citizens, customers, iCustomers, mCustomers, members, monzonauts, monzoids, users.

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We did have Mondonauts/Monzonauts but it looks like the term fell out of use after the name change. :thinking:

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Monzoizers then you can for other purposes use Monzoize, Monzoized, Monzoizing, etc

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Monzoneers, AKA the pioneers of Monzo.
Monzoknights have a good ring to it too or maybe Monzomiesters?


I totally still use Monzonauts - but I might be one of very few people who still do :sweat_smile:

Love Monzoneers, that’s a cool idea! @thom_horne :+1:


Monzonians - 'cos we’re in the zone :slight_smile: