Suggestion for in app dark mode

Many apps include youtube and some operating system use dark mode which can be easier on the eyes.
Especially when checking your account balance late at night just before bed. This can help blue light emissions from the screen which is harmful for you eyes and will allow you to rest and sleep better.
Hopefully many more monzo customers can agree with this small but great feature for the app.


You should definitely check out N26…

It’ll make you appreciate Monzo immensely :joy:



From memory…




It’s actually a nice UI during the day!


It’s ok I guess, rather erm… white :eyes:

Being better than someone else doesn’t make one apps design superior :wink:

Any app I can have in dark mode, I have in dark mode (including Slack until my theme broke and I didn’t fix it :cry:) so I’m totally :heavy_plus_sign:1 on this idea!

I would say custom feed items would become a little more difficult without an API improvement.

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Rumours are saying iOS 13 will have a system wide dark mode, so it might benefit monzo to wait until then to start working on it.

Assuming OP uses iOS.

Under accessibility settings on iOS, users can reduce white point, which makes brightness more bearable.

Your missing a feature… the app doubles up as a flashlight at night. :rofl:

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