Monzo Current Account Counter

Hmmm, well it maybe a generated URL but it works for me… (it is literally a JSON output so unless you want to use it in an application I suggest just using the “normal” page)


Nice to see the number of accounts now matches the £671 in the background ! :wink:
Roll on the roll out! :smiley:


672 now :wink:

562 now. What’s with the number going backwards?

585 at the moment. Wonder if some identity checks don’t get finished until the next day?

Yeah it jumped to 585 in the early hours this morning. This isn’t the first time numbers have gone down. Just odd.

I hope they used different programmers to do the balance calculation on the current account :wink:


Looks like a technical hiccup as it now says 675.

It looks like it deserves a quick explanation :blush:
This counter is a simple sql query from our analytics database. The database gets updated in real-time however there is also a nightly batch process every night that makes sure all the data is correct. During this batch process certain tables get recreated and thats when the number temporary goes down.

We were aware of this limitation of the counter (because it happens every day) but never expected people to actually check at night :slight_smile: As a solution I will stop the counter update between 5am and 7am to avoid any further confusion.


Спасибо Димитрию Thanks Dimitri

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1365 today. I didn’t realise I was quite that far up the list!

I’ve just added a new sheet to the Monzo User Growth spreadsheet called ‘Current Account Rollout’, to chart the number of live accounts & the trend of activation’s per day - so that we can watch the speed of activations (hopefully) accelerating.

@HoddzDJ has been recording the number of live accounts each day in the OP & I’ve given him edit access for the spreadsheet so he’ll probably be doing most of the updates for this graph too :raised_hands:

The charts look like this at the moment.



I’m expecting it to start rising very quickly now cards are being sent out via Royal Mail, but we’ll see.

Seems to have gone up a lot over the past few days.


Any rumours how many accounts Starling have?

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We expect/hope to triple the current figure over the next 10 days :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to get my card tomorrow I mean seeing as you guys missed my birthday n all that :eyes:

Whaaaaaaat? Does that mean the probability of receiving a postal invite is much higher? :open_mouth:

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It definitely means that!

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Those of use on 1st Gen debit cards, will they be replaced when CAs go mainstream? Or before that?

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