Monzo Credit Card (Design Thoughts)

I know this has been covered a few times and I don’t think it’s something that’s been extensively asked for, but in my opinion given how smooth everything is with Monzo, offering a credit card would literally be the icing on the cake for me.

A couple of thoughts on the design (if the credit card options were to go ahead of course) was, and sticking with the bright colours Monzo offers, along the lines of a turquoise/teal style of colour.

On the other hand, and again keeping it in line with how clear Monzo makes things, a transparent card that represents Monzo’s transparency on banking and everything that comes with it.

Again, it might not be something that happens anytime soon but I wanted to at least throw the idea out there :blush:

…A teal credit card to rival the teal of Starling. I don’t think that would go down well with the history between them :stuck_out_tongue:

Starlings credit card going to be out next couple of months. :eyes:

…Like it’s rival N26?



We won’t get one.

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Acid yellow would be neat. I quite like Dozens and Bo yellow cards.

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That Bo card really is an abomination. The Dozens card just works so much better with the same elements

Really? Last I heard after the first Anne Q&A was that it had been kicked down the road again


Should be 50 shades of coral :monzocard:


I would love one

I would enjoy the idea of having a credit card with Monzo, however would be sceptical that they would offer the perks and benefits against other rivals… - however they are very transparent with other features so many would help those not as fortunate with credit to obtain a good credit rating.

  • Also a way for Monzo to make some money.

Credit card was on track for Dec last time I spoke on their chat but that was on 6th Sep so things might have changed. :man_shrugging:

It was more a case of yellows than design though I like Dozens how it wraps to the other side and got nothing against Bos.

NatWest other one for business had a nice simple design but I think it’s just available in black.

Edit looks like alphas had it in yellow

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Again a nice looking black and yellow card, though the wraparound thing narrowly puts Dozens ahead in my personal view

I can’t remember if Bo had gone for a vertical stack for the long card like Tymits credit card. They should just gone solid limey green colour used on the back on the front rather than the darker green/blue digital mess.

Like TransferWise


To be fair, I didn’t know Starling was bringing out a credit card let along it being teal :joy:

As for N26, I’ve seen the transparent card but for me it still has a bit of a tinge of grey to me… nevertheless, yes! It can rival them :ok_hand:

Another thought could be colours similar to the likes Instagram use for their logo maybe??

I do hope they bring out a credit card though… I’d drop my current ones like a hot cake for a Monzo one!


Well I don’t know for sure that they’ll use the same teal as the Starling debit cards, but I’m 100% sure Monzo would stay clear of using it.

I think due to Tandem being the fintech credit card they would want to avoid these, especially the blue which is strongly associated.

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I like the orange and blue ones a lot! I shall resist though as I already have enough cards. Just added a rather well made Revolut one to the pile

I don’t have a credit card but the options are limited from my research to Amex or NatWest for
a decent purchase credit card.

Frustratingly it’s Amex nice app and instant notifications but lack of acceptance Vs NatWest nice cashback and acceptance but shit app and no instant notifications.

I made a post here about my research

Id like a Monzo credit card to be hot coral…


I think you’re right, it’s got a very light grey effect to it. I’ve got the Amex rewards one and that doesn’t seem to have any ‘shade’ as such like the N26 one does. I prefer the matte look of the N26 card though compared to Amex’s gloss.

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