Monzo COp's Adorescore Ratings

This looks quite cool - although I feel like I might be being tricked into advertising this company by sharing this…

Adoreboard have analysed the tweets sent to all of the major banks (Monzo are included in the list of course :wink:) & Monzo was rated as having the highest brand reputation (image 1), although it looks like they need to increase user’s trust (image 2), they don’t make the top 5 for the ‘anger’ rating either or fraud reports :heart_eyes: -

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You can view the full report here -


interesting that Starling doesnt feature. any reason?

They don’t have enough tweets (maybe) :wink:


Smile takes a pounding in that report. So glad I moved away from them.

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Thanks for sharing - I find it really interesting comparing the HSBC main brand with M&S Bank and First Direct - both also HSBC entities and the disparity between them. I wonder if there is a scale effect coming in play - once you get a certain (perceived) size, customers are just less tolerant of poor performance.


Monzo got ‘praise’ for phone wait times - 0 minutes. :thinking: I guess, some people might call, but generally, 99,99% if not more is via chat, so… Oh well.

The table shows the average telephone wait times of the banks
sampled. The longest average wait time that customers are
complaining about online is 62 minutes for Tesco Bank and the
lowest wait times are 0 for internet bank Monzo and 17 minutes
for customer experience leader TSB.

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