Monzo contactless gear

Be great to see monzo have like a contactless key fob and other cool ways to pay with I know other online banks have this and looking at ways to make banking more interesting and easy for there customers what are your thoughts?

Contactless watch strap could be interesting

I have a watch and phone that I can pay with and they have additional security. My card is actually the least secure as it requires no additional security to pay.

Adding a keyfob or something just seems like a security nightmare.


Gimmicks. Nothing more.

Pay with your phone if you want cool, interesting - and above all, secure.


A contactless frankfurter would be cool and also delicious :yum:


Badger Pay;

Here’s a key-ring version;



I was going to start using my phone to pay but after receiving my sexy new Hot Coral card I can’t wait to flash it about the place. Am I sad?

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I first got a Monzo account three years ago purely because I kept seeing customers using the cards and I had FOMO.

So maybe it’s sad but you’re not alone!

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A bit :joy:

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I agree, it would be quite insecure and possibly easy to skim, useless too as all smart watches have contactless pay.