Monzo cash withdrawals

i’m in the uk and i want to withdraw cash, can i use a mainstream branch ie. atm, natwest etc’s atms to withdraw cash?


You can use any atm in the world (please note some may occur a small fee, this will be stated on the atm machine) Monzo doesn’t not own any of they own branches or atm machines as of the date I wrote this

can i use apple pay to withdraw at an atm with nfc?

No, as these ATMs are usually reserved for the bank’s customers, not the general public.

…that bears the MasterCard logo. There are very few ATMs in the UK that are LINK only machines and these unfortunately won’t work with a Monzo card. Unfortunately, the corner shop nearest me is one if them!

There could be ATMs in various countries that only operate on similar local schemes.

I think @ijihuh was making reference to the contactless facility on some ATMs.